Anyone into cassettes?

I recently picked up a Nakamichi BX300 for a couple of bills on Ebay and after replacing the idler tire and the two belts, this baby sounds better that any cassette deck I've owned previsouly, and I have been playing pre-recorded tapes for the past week in analog heaven. Finally a deck that sounds amazing on Dolby B with commercial tapes.

I also won a Dragon for a good price on auction and will send this out for restoration as needed.

Anyone else into cassettes as an alternative form of analog heaven? Some of those mid to late 80s recordings really have wonderful punch and extension.
Yes, I just loved when it clicked and changed tracks in the middle of your favorite song. That, the the pack of matches propped underneath to make it sound normal :)
If you spend time away from your primary system listening room, and want to enjoy portable Walkman level analog performance upgraded to truly pleasurable heights, give a listen to Machina Dynamica's surprising offering.
Mine even has a CrO2/metal switch for that part of the cassette legacy.
For some reason, either fanatical Japanese precision manufacture (a great day on the assembly line?) or as a result of the upgrade itself, there is no audible wow/flutter.
Not only the click when changing tracks but the fade out and fade in during the best part of the song. Yeah those were the days as a captured listener in the back of the family station wagon with Andy Williams and the Osmonds blaring full blast on 8 track.
I use Nak 682ZX with Maxell Vertex tapes regularly. I make the recordings from records and cds. Not quite as good as my Nottingham Spacedeck turntable but not far. The biggest difference is in soundstage depth.