Anyone into cassettes?

I recently picked up a Nakamichi BX300 for a couple of bills on Ebay and after replacing the idler tire and the two belts, this baby sounds better that any cassette deck I've owned previsouly, and I have been playing pre-recorded tapes for the past week in analog heaven. Finally a deck that sounds amazing on Dolby B with commercial tapes.

I also won a Dragon for a good price on auction and will send this out for restoration as needed.

Anyone else into cassettes as an alternative form of analog heaven? Some of those mid to late 80s recordings really have wonderful punch and extension.
Wow, another BX-300 owner and enthusiast. I found this deck here on Audiogon last year and still can't believe how great it sounds.
Used to own and love a BX300 back in the day. I always enjoyed recording compilation tapes, I still do but now I use a Tascam CD recorder (just made one last night;). I recorded many 100's of tapes on the BX300 from LP's & CD's that really sounded great. In my experience though, commercially pre-recorded tapes were inferior, I only owned a handful.
Yes indeed, have a NAK DR-8. It makes my tapes sound great, even the ones recorded on other decks. Most of the tapes are transfers from my LP's, R2R. Now used only for playback.
I am the original owner of a Nakamichi CR 7A. I recently had it serviced by Willy Herman. This work of art brings joy to my ears.
I have three Nakamichi decks and thousands of cassettes, along with several CD/DVD players and a high-end turntable. I find the sound from the recently serviced cassette players to be very easy to listen to and preferable to CDs when I listen through tube Stax headphones. Also, you can find cassettes at thrift stores for a quarter. Cassettes and cassette players get ridiculed on this forum, but I'm keeping mine.