Anyone interested in stereophile estate auction?

We are auctioning off my fathers estate, he was a retired computer engineer and loved high end audio equipment. Please check it out at and make the drive if you live nearby. Rochester, Twin Cities, Madison are all within a few hours of the sale. Milwaukee, WI about 3 1/2 hours.
Poor guy's father dies, comes here to get some interest in the estate sale (thinking it was the best thing to do) only to be told his father didn't
really own any high end equipment.... Ouch. I guess we are truly a cagey bunch.

Please except my sincere and deepest condolence for your loss.
Losing a loved one is the hardest part about life. Keep your chin up... And may your father rest in peace.

He must have been a really cool guy...

Laura, Sorry for the reception you received here and sorry for your loss.