Anyone interested in nearly perfection on a headphone a a great price??

I have 3 headphone rigs that are very nice by any standards, I hardly was using them because I was enjoying my 2 speaker set ups more.
recently I had the opportunity to try a pair of headphones that have brought the joy of intimate listening back!!
They are the LSA HP-2
they sound so detailed in the mids and bass while never sounding rolled off or too bright.
they are closed and have great soundstage and separation, showing layers of the details in every song. In my opinion the have the best bass that I have heard on any headphone no matter the price, and yes I have listened to many flagships.
I wanted to start this thread to let people know about this wonderful find.
please if you have any questions
ask away!!!
thanks for reading and happy holidays to everyone
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What are some of the headphones that you feel these have bested and what are you using to power them? Enjoy the music
To begging the HP-2 Are better than all of the cans I have right now. Those include my Original TH900, HD600, HE-560, Hyland saturns, I have owned HD800s moded and non moded, LCD2 and many others. I have also listened to almost every headphone brand and most of their flagships, Talking about bettering, I at least by memory can not remember a headphone that goes as deep while still providing controlled and most detailed lows, including the LCD4, Final 8000 pros , stax flagships, Sony’s closed flagship and many others.
I use mainly an Apex peak/volcano with many 6sn7 tubes, feed by a innuos Zen MK3 and a direct stream dac powered by Shunyata Triton/typhoon . I also have a Luxman DA-250 connected to my iMac and a little dot 6 that I use for the hi fi man HE560 which require tones of power.
Thanks for the input,  will have to get my ears between a pair of these as I am looking to add a closed back set to the three sets of planars that I have retained while buying and selling in the last three years. Do you feel that you are giving up anything because they are closed back or feel that might be some of their appeal?  
@cheche9, thanks for the heads-up. There's also some good info about these cans over on Underwood HiFi's site. Looks like a great value for under $1,000! All the best.
That review seemed to favor the LSA HP-1. However, as someone that owns the Meze and considering buying another headphone the comparisons against the Meze did not hold true for me. The first thing the reviewer should have done was upgrade the Meze XLR cable.

BTW - I am going to be pairing the Meze Empy with a Topping A90 amp ($500) on a bedroom system. It sounds excellent, almost as good as my HPA4 in the office. Which is a huge accomplishment considering the price difference and the quality of the HPA4.
I have both Empyreans and LSA HP-1, with an RME ADI-2 DAC and a Lyr 3 amp; they sound nothing like each other, in my opinion; Empyreans have a heavier, darker sound, but still quite detailed, and HP-1 is very good with mids and highs but will not give you head-rattling bass like the Emypreans do. For the price, the HP-1 is a very good value. Another thing is that the Empyreans sound OK right out of the box, but improve with more hours, but the HP-1 sounded so wretched right out of the box I was ready to return them; 200+ hours later, they are different headphones. The HP-1 is made for Walter and LSA by a Russian headphone company called Kennerton.... 
@larrman Do the LSA HP-1 sound good with a very neutral amp and DAC. I am sending off my Topping A90 and Matrix Mini-i-3 Pro to a friend but do not know what affordable headphones to recommend to him. My Meze Empy sounds great with this gear but it is too expensive for his tastes.
The Hifiman HE400S is available on Amazon for $250, and the Sundara “open box” is at Hifiman for $299.  Don’t know your friend’s tastes or budget, but these are two good options IMHO (I own the 400S). 
I ended up getting the LSA HP-1 for him and sent my Topping A90 and Matirix Mini-i-3 Pro. So a full system right there.

I am now also selling my Meze Empy. After the RAAL SR1a I do not want to listen to other headphones.

My spring cleaning.  It feels good to downsize.