Anyone installed SR ART system w/ medium maggies?

I actually have the new basik system, but setup is the same I think. I have 1.6s. Instructions say 6-8" above the tweeter or 3-5 feet up the wall for the vibratron (or basik satellite in the same position). Not sure which is correct... but with 1.6s, 6-8" above the tweeter is quite a ways up the wall! The satellites are supposed to be several inches higher than that and the rear satellite even higher.

The other issue is... to the right of the room, right smack in the first reflection point is a very large window with plantation type wood blinds and a heavy curtain. Not sure how to go about mounting the satellite there?

I wanted to ask here first before calling Ted and Elliot and bugging them, I know they are busy!
I'd go ahead and call Ted. I believe that he likes tweaking, and since he makes these pieces, he should be the expert. Get the expert's advice, it seems like it would be the best place to start. After all, you're not talking about just spending a couple of hundred dollars.

In my home system my Vibratron is 55 inches from floor to the top of the unit. Try placing your basik satellite equidistant behind your speakers 55 inches from floor to the top of its resonator. Now place the Bass Station Basik directly below the main satellite behind your speakers approx 3 to 4 inches from the wall.

After that experiment with the height of the resonator behind your listening position approx 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the back wall. Listen for the highs to become more natural.

Lastly experiment with the side satellites. Since you have Magies try half way between your seated position and the ribbon tweeter. This should place the side satellites closer to your listening position then would be the case were you to place the satellite at the first order reflection point. You can then experiment closer to the first order reflection point.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer Synergistic Research INnc.
Thanks Ted!

I moved the satellite to 55" and moved the bass station closer to the wall (had it too far out). I'll play with the one behind me tomorrow.

How high up on the side satellites? 6-8 inches above the 'main' one yes?

I'm going to have to make a home depot run and build a stand for one of the side satellites. This window runs from the speaker all the way to the listening position pretty much (yes... that's a bed in the photo!)

window w/curtain closed

window w/ curtain open

One more question.. because of the nature of the room.. the listening position is smack up against the wall... will this cause a need for additional adjustment or different placement?

Sorry for all the questions.. I suck at tweaking things :)
oh and in the first picture.. you can see a small whitish bit halfway across the curtain panel... that's a thumbtack placed at the first reflection point.
Hi Ted,
with the Vibraton weight how can it be hang on the front wall without nailing the wall and hanging it from the screw provided ? Wouldn't be practical nailing it all over the front wall at different height to experiment the Vibraton position. Off course I could fashion a plank and hang it from different height which is too troublesome due to space constraints. Any suggestion ? Thanks