Anyone in Vermont (especially the Burlington area) interested in an informal audio club?

I live in Burlington, VT, and have been thinking about an audio club. Please respond here if you have any interest.
I see there have been 40 views of this. I'm not talking about an organized club with scheduled meetings, dues and all that. Basically, I am a home audio enthusiast with a nice system, who would like to get together with like-minded people to hang out, chat, and listen to music.
Hello, I just moved to Bennington Vermont about 2 years ago. It doesn't look like there a lot of audiophiles out here. I just so happened to see this while browsing for clubs in the area. 

I bought a house 2 months ago and just got my temporary music room together. I have lots of 70's Marantz units as well as other solid state and tube components. I use a pair of KEF 103/2s with them. They are great for critical listening. 

I'd love to hear about what you have.

I lived in Bennington for some years , I'll bet you are the only 'phile in town .