Anyone in New York with Grand Veenas?

Hi all, is there anyone anywhere near Westchester NY that has a set of Reference 3A Grand Veenas that I might be able to listen to? I'm thinking of getting a pair would and would like to hear them first and there are no dealers in NY. I know we live in crazy world with crazy people so I would gladly provide professional and personal references that I'm a nice normal guy. For what it's worth I'm professional musician and I do shows for young children, families, along with the more usual gigs.
Thanks, Chris.
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The Canadian importer, Divergent Technology, will offer an in-home trial and offer a discount on the speakers. You buy them, try them and if you don't like them, you ship them back at your cost.
You mean to say there's no dealer in the greater NYC area that carries Reference 3A (I'd also like to hear them somewhere around here)??? If that's true it is certainly an "interesting" business model they have. I'd think there would be at least a couple dealerships that would be interested in that line. Strange and disappointing if it's true.
I contacted them a year ago or so to ask the same thing ... "are there any owners in the area who might let me hear them before I buy them". They told me Harry Pearson was the only one with a pair in the area, and good luck getting that old queen to let you into his house.

So I offered to rep for them if they could discount me a pair. They said no way. So I opted out for a friendlier solution.

Yes, strange business model.
I did the trial period for the Grand Veena, and I do not reccommend 'the process'.
Since it is a large box and the shipping is international, I had to attach 5 copies of some form on the outside of the box that included my SS#, DOB, and a copy of my last colonoscopy report. To me, this was a huge breach of my identity, but was necessary in a post 9/11 world if I was to get $8,000
I have auditioned many speakers in my home with return privileges; I would never again do it across borders.
Company is a big turkey!!
I too would love to hear these speakers. I did hear a pair of Episodes in a less than optimal set-up and was duly impressed. The high frequency performance was astonishing as good as ANYTHING I've ever heard. Wonder what the deal is here?
As a very happy owner of first, the Dulcet and now the De Capo i-A, I have to say that dealing with the folks at Reference 3A has been a pleasure. Both Tash and Diane in the front office are very nice to deal with. I purchased both of these speakers directly from the company because I am in Austin, Texas and the closest dealer is in San Antonio. I took advantage of the direct sale discount and also of the six-month, full value trade up program that they offer. That is, they applied the entire cost of my Dulcet to the new speakers. That said, dealing with international shipping back to Canada is not a great deal of fun, and I ran into some hassles with one of the return customs shipping documents not having been filled out completely (my fault). In the end, it was worth it, and I think the company offer is quite generous but, yes, international shipping is a pain.
Ptm what moved you to include an ugly slur in your reply? Just curious .
Hi everyone who responded. It's funny, I posted this and I've been so busy I forgot all about it, my friend read it before I did. Anyway, I did speak at length with Tash, he was great and very helpful. I know I could try them out at home but as has been discussed I wouldn't want to deal with the return shipping if I happened to not like them. Plus I'm very broke at this time and don't have the extra money to pay for return shipping. I could only buy these when I sell my Focals. I know Harry Pearson gave them a Golden Ear award (the queen comment made me laugh) and my friend who's opinion I trust fully highly recommended them, but no matter what I wouldn't buy a set of speakers without hearing them first. So, I'm still hoping someone nearby might have a pair. And I do agree it's odd that they don't have a dealer in or around NYC. I mean come on, it's New York, you can get pretty much anything you would ever want here. Except Grand Veenas I guess.
Anyway, thank you all for your responses and have a good Thanksgiving, Chris.
Yup, there are still old bigots who laugh at the "N" word. Just takes time for them to die off.
I suggest contacting The Cable Company. Many do not know they have a showroom in New Hope, PA, about an hour from NYC.

It was there I first heard the Reference 3A Grand Veenas, and fell in love with them. Of course, the reputation of The Cable Company checks out as high as any in the high-end audio business.
Hi Trejla, that's funny, I talked to someone at the Cable Company recently about something else. My wife is from PA. and we once visited New Hope and it's not that far from her parents. We will be there for two weeks at Christmas so hopefully I can get there in that time. The problem is my wife is not into the stereo thing-what wife is? But I will try and thank you very much for the tip.
Thanks, Chris.