anyone impressed by better IEC plugs?

I have tried cords and now wonder about the better ($30) replacement IEC chassis A/C parts. The ones I am interested in are all copper... The standard ones are steel. Any experience out there? (the naysayers, or "can't POSSIBLY be heard".. can stay OUT of this thread, thank you.
Where do you get such a thing? Why are they "better"? Thanks.
Wattagate has a nice female IEC cable end for $24.00. Check out their web site. They may have the male chassis mount plugs.
not much feedback, but where can you find these?...I have a B&W ASW 3000 sub with a zipcord for power that I'd like to replace. I have to believe it will make a sonic difference.
I seriously doubt that changing from a stock IEC outlet to a fancy IEC outlet will make a sonic difference.

!!However!! Changing a stock power cord that is built into a component by cutting it off and adding an IEC male outlet to the chassis will make a difference. I just tried this yesterday with my TV. I replaced the stock cord by cutting it close to the back panel and attaching a IEC outlet to the stub of cord left. I then used an Electra Glide cord and WOW!
Also, I got the IEC male connector for 99 cents from a local electronic supply store! You might find an "audiophile grade" outlet for $50 somewhere, but I think that the power cord is more important.
Furutech $30.00 all copper available at: Gutwire
All this is internet gossip and I am just passing it along, I cannot verify if it is true at this moment
If you want a fancy IEC, you can get one from Electra Glide. I just found out that they have a gold plated IEC outlet.