anyone how AMR CD-777 compares to Esoteric SA-50


Just hoping someone out there has heard these players and can provide comment.

I am migrating to computer audio, but still appreciate a good cd/sacd player.

I like the fact that both these players are multi function and can serve as dac for computer music server as well. The AMR has tube output stages and uses the classic multi-bit dac chip, but only supports 44/48 khz sample rates.

The esoteric provides full hi-res coverage and has their transport. The dac chip is the the AKM 32 bit chip.

Hard tradeoffs for me to choose, so would like a little help; thanks.

Gerald, I recommend auditioning both, side by side in your home if possible. Avatar Acoustics is the AMR distributor in the US and Canada and can direct you to your nearest dealer. Telephone 678-817-9035. You might also ask about the new DP-777 digital processor, since you mentioned you are migrating to computer audio.

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