Anyone here with Magico A3 driven by Bel Canto Ref600's?

Contemplating the A3's and would like to know if the REF600M will drive them properly. Currently using Martin Logan Montis and these aren't a great indication of what these amps can and will do.
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Back to the topic, Stereophile rates the Bel Canto REF600M as Class A with $$$, meaning they are an excellent buy. They have an iron grip on bass, and smooth and silky midrange and top end. 
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Remind you of anyone else?
Class D and Magico - no thanks. I recently had the A3s here and they sung as much as every component ahead of it allowed. They were absolutely beautiful with a Diablo 300 - a synergy I'd match against just about anything I've heard including several rungs up the Magico lineup. Have had Magico S3s with Devialet briefly and they were horrible. Literally ear bleeding sterile fast and powerful horrible. Don't have experience with the Bel Canto amp  so take it FWIW but just wanted to share that experience. Bel Canto is a great name so I don't know, but if it was anything like what I heard on my S3s, the friend who brought the Devialet over sold it literally that week.
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