???Anyone Here UpGrade From Yaqin/Cayin/etc... To Another Tube Amp Considered Hi End???

Say something from Ayon,BAT,AR,Raven,Rogue,Unison etc....
Did you gain anything from the upgrade?Lower noise floor increasing low level resolution?Tighter more defined imaging & staging?Anything?
I'm confused.  Wasn't a Quad VA-1+ mentioned at some point?

rs:I’m confused. Wasn’t a Quad VA-1+ mentioned at some point?
hahahahah,not in this thread...That was the ProAc Tablette Anniversary thread...
Well folks,we ain't in Kansas any mo!
 Just placed my order for the Icon Audio ST30SE integrated
Looks like a nice amp, congrats. Let us know what you think of it when you get it.
Geez, how much gear are you buying?
Congratulations on your purchase, but I do wish you had jumped on the BoX instead.  Yes, that is my inventory listed that you saw.  I am no longer the US distributor (mutually agreed decision) but their products are fantastic.  I probably would have directed you to the Dueventi more than the BoX with the 30.1 depending on your room.  The Dueventi is more romantic and doesn't need tubes rolled while also having a cleaner sound.  If you put a good set of NOS 12au7 in the BoX, you get a really incredible amplifier capable of driving most speakers.

I do wish you luck on the Icon though and hope it will take you to the next level!