Anyone here tried Elco Cables

I was thiking of trying some of their Silver Ribbon Interconnects, any advice??
I guess that I should tell you about my system, it consists of Sim Audio P-5 Preamp W-5 Amp Vienna acoustics Bethoven
Speakers with a Metronome tube cd player. current cables are analysis plus all copper, I am quite happy with it as is but was going to try silver cables to compare and have heard good things about Elco Audio cables.
I own the Elco GL999R .
Which is there gold version.(purchased this last February)
It has very good midrange and Female vocals are outstanding.
I notice the bass is a little weak on my CD player(Meridian 508.24) but better with other source material, so I guess it is system dependant.
I believe the gold will take a long time to break in, so maybe that will change.

For what its worth, the Elco GL999R gold Discription and the Stealth PGS look and the discriptions appears to be identical.
I can't comment on the Silver
I'm using the Elco digital cable (the nicer model) and it sounds pretty great. I've compared it directly to the Cardas Lightning 15 and Acoustic Zen MC2. The Acoustic Zen is a little more laid back sounding than the others, but the Elco has just as much detail...maybe more. I'm not done choosing yet, but I think the Cardas may come in 3rd. They're all a little different as far as detail, soundstage, and tonality, so it can be hard to choose which I depends on the recording, my mood, etc. All the rambling aside...the Elco is a great cable, but it's $650 retail price is ridiculously high (though, based on what I've seen, it doesn't seem like they stick to those prices too often).
has anybody compared elco UDC-S with the VARIDIG and ILLUMINATI D-60, how does the xlr digital compare to the above models,wondering if anybody has good results using with DCScombo DELIUS/PURCELL AES/EBU 192HZconnections./sunil
I have just ordered the Elco silver biwire the sti-2 and CL200 speaker cables to use in a triwire setup for My Alons 5's . I will post as soon as the cables get here should be 2 or 3 days . I would love to here from other users of Elco interconnect and speaker cables feel free to e-mail me or post here. I use a tube preamp and tube power amp [A I mod 3A and VTL 125 mono block's]I use a 7 meter Cardas Neutral ref between pre and power and apex power cords on amp and Cardas golden ref on pre. Any thoughts on the eq or cables I love the apex power cords alas no longer made.
I, like a lot of people got Elco´s best Digital cable on an auction here for a good price. I was so impressed, I bought some of the Silver interconnects. They were good, but I moved up to the Gold, and tried the Ultimate SGI-999s. They are VERY impressive in every way. The build quality is "bulletproof" and sound excellent to me. I am upgrading the STI-2B to true bi-wiring with the Silver on top and CL-200s on the bottom.

Lake513, I would look forward to more comments now that you have used the cables for awhile. I do not claim to have golden ears, and live in Thailand where I cannot audition cables at will. But I use Elco everywhere in my 7.1 system with Apogee Stage speakers and Bel Canto PRePro/ eVo 6. It is sweet!!!