Anyone here own Elac Vela SF 409?

Looking to purchase these in January. 

They appear to tick all the boxes (sufficiently tall with drivers located in upper half of cabinet, no rear port, smooth high end, rated down to 28Hz, WAF acceptable, not too heavy).

Reviews tend to be very positive but as there's little mention of them, here, I'm 

wondering whether they have flaws I've yet to read about.














but as they never seem to be mentioned here, I'm wondering if they have flaws I've yet to hear about. 




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Nice looking speaker

"I’m wondering whether they have flaws I’ve yet to read about."

You find them attractive. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. You won’t know until they’re in your room.

ALL audio equipment has "flaws" with a microscope.




"You won’t know until they’re in your room."


Yes-- I realize this, that's why I never buy anything I cannot return if neccesary. 


What I'm trying to ascertain is, whether their apparent lack of popularity, here, is indicative of some significant flaw that I ought to know about.

I've never spent this much for speakers before, so perhaps I'm just being paranoid. 

Likely the limted  of distribution in the states. Other wise, the company is an established player in Europe.

Most of us know that feeling of opening the wallet wider than usual-especially when wifey gives you that "look"

The Elac lineup looks solid. 



OK. Thanks for your encouragement! 


Speaker choice, especially when you’re deciding to drop a substancial amount is tortuous.

Between the "pro reivews", sifting thru forum wisdom/non sense and not being able to demo them, it’s still a risky proposition.

Remeber the Elac Adante? One minute is was the darling since it was a Andrew Jones design. $5K+ speaker. Few years later, you could have found them HALF price as a closeout, and opinion it’s not this or that. I personally found them to be a pleasant sounding speaker.

@tablejockey :


Due to the fact that my system is in our living room, I have constraints that I likely would not have were it located in a dedicated room. These constraints narrowly limit my speaker options, which could be seen as an advantage, given my tendency to approach audio rather obsessively. Having a great many choices might prove counter-productive.

If the Elacs do not work out, I don't have any compelling alternatives, so wish me luck!

BTW: my understanding is,  Andrew Jones had nothing to do with the design of the Vela 409's. 


Thanks for your interest.



we are an elac dealer the vela line is solid the adantes were a failure for a number of reasons not really related to sound the bookshelves were too large and the floor standers were not that much better then the monitors, 


Add to that the  adantes were voiced a bit forward and were physically heavy and hard to ship is why theywere discontinued.


the vellas are amoung our favorite  sub 2k monitors

great detail without being too forward , a clean midrange and a huge sound-stage


they are great 


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

Elac Dealers



Thanks, but  I'm planning to buy the Vela FS 409 floor-standers.

What is your opinion of those??????? 

I allready gave you that we sell those speakers 


The info on the adapter was to dispel the idea that rhere was something wrong with the brand


I apologize if I misunderstood. I can be a bit too literal at times in communication, so when I read this:


"the vellas are amoung our favorite  sub 2k monitors

great detail without being too forward , a clean midrange and a huge sound-stage

they are really great",



I assumed you were speaking exclusively about the monitors and not the floor-standers as well.  I do appreciate your input. 



They are the same as the monitors with deeper bass



Great-- I appreciate the clarification!

I see no reason not to try them, in that case.