Anyone here have a memory ?

At the moment I'm playing some games with our ever persistent audio friends at Machina Dynamica. In one of my questions addressed to their current ad, I asked if their little " pebbles" would help regulate the atmospheric extremes around the "Isles of Langerhan" ... Then it dawned on me about how I first learned of this place and how important it was in my younger years in audio. Med students please butt out till I am through with my fun with them. They are trying hard to find it on the Google map as I type. I'm sure that once they find out it will take a Constant Gardener to keep them from taping the bags of pebbles onto people. :-)

Does anyone remember the LP's that comically were used quite a bit for imaging and fun ? In one of the phrases used, someone was returning from the "far flung Isles of Langerhan" and was asked to ... come in out of the cornstarch and sit by the fire... .?
The big speakers of the day (at that time) were all cultist owned and were names like .... The Gale GS401a ... The DQ10 all dressed in yellow in the back from CD and of course mirror imaged.. The ever un-exiting LS3/5a crowd and the newbie bunch with the (don't get their cardboard enclosures wet) DCM Time Windows. If you said that you paid over 1000.00 a pair for your speakers, you would have been laughed out of town. And of course this was all before the horrible stench of the "new" Monster Cable rolls floated like a fog around the Audio Stores..... Ahhh, Paaa...leeze bring back the old days..!! I even miss the smell.

OK, let's test some brain cells... Who was the group that made these 4 or 5 incredible albums... Ha... I'm willing to bet this post stays empty for a year.
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I don't believe it.... MoFi, you win the Stuffed Duck !!!

Yes, it was the Firesign Theatre... !
I can't remember the album that the comment was on... Either " Hand Me The Pliers, Don't crush that Dwarf" or "We are all BoZo's on this Bus".
Oh, the brainless nights spent with those albums... Most of which were forgot by the day after :-( At that time (late 60's - early 70's) I was the gift to Nome, Alaska for tunes. I had a giant pair of Altec A7-500/w's "called the Magnifecent". Basically VOT's dressed in a Walnut cabinet. Gorgeous speakers. The amp was a McIntosh 6900 int. Amp and the turntable was an Empire 598 with a Stanton 681. It was all set up in the bedroom of a small shack we rented. There was no plumbing back then, so everyone used "Honey Buckets". The room was crammed full of people listening to the Firesign Theatre. I'm glad that someone remembers the group besides me. Thanks, MoFi...
Around the time that a few of the vendors were using these songs, was the time I first got into the high-end business.

That's why I remember them. Mobile Fidelity actually put out of few of the Firesign Theatre's albums on CD. Never on vinyl, but a few on CD.

Actually the phrase was:

"First they had to come from small towns with strange names, like: Smegma, Spasmodic, Frog, and the far-flung Isles of Langerhans. It had been snowing ever since the top of the page, and I had to shake the cornstarch off my mukluks..."

Funny stuff...well back then anyway :-)
Damn, Mo-fi. You beat me to the punch line. Have fun tubears, but of course our teleporting friend Geoff does read these pages.

I've always wondered whether Firesign was funny w/o herbal enhancement. Back in the day, I never conducted that experiment, I still have the vinyl but not sure it's fair to subject my cart to something in what is bound be be very "warped" condition ;-)
What a memory... MoFi, are you still listening to these things every night ? If I remember, and that is an awful big if, that was out of Nick Danger. Ironically, in Nome, most everyone had Mukluks at that time.
Swampy, I was hoping for a positive endorsement pertaining to the Isles of L. , we could use a cure for the diabetics. Just tape a bag of pebbles over the pancreas and grab some Twinkie's and a beer. What a way to enjoy some Firesign Theatre... Just don't get any crumbs or suds on the vinyl.
I would sure like to get one of the CD's. I would like to hear Firesign T. on the DeCapos. On second thought, maybe not. The sound of it may draw in a group of herbivores.
In my teens, I listened to Firesign Theater albums quite a bit. My friends and I would all pile into a HUGE plastic bag that had "aromatic, herbal" air pumped into it using an aquarium fish pump.

As the tainted air worked its magic upon us, we would recite the lines from "Don't Crush That Dwarf..." as the album played on my buddy's Dual 1229 turntable thru his Marantz receiver and Dahlquist speakers.

Man, those were the daze!!!


"Porgie Tirebiter, he's a spy and a girl delighter..."
Give that man some "Hot Buttered Road Clusters , heavy on the 30 weight !" LOL .
That was many moons ago !
40 years later, porgy and mudhead are still indelibly etched in my cranium
Two of my favorite bits:
1 Name that Disease "No, I'm sorry, you've got the plague!"
2 "Domini, domini, domini, you're all Catholics now!"
There are indeed a lot of sick people in this group. Excuse me, I have to go help Porcelain make the bed.

btw, RW, just where do you keep that plastic bag now ? I'm also curious as to how many goldfish hit the dumpster for the lack of air. I can see them now, staring at you (all popeyed) while your all bagged up with a mouth full of Cheetos and Ding Dongs.
Did anyone see the movie they put out?I can't remember the name,it was about a candidates election campain.During his public speeches his followers would shout out you should vote for him because "He's not insane"!Saw it at a drive-in movie joint.
I think we're all Bozos on this bus! OK- Maybe not ALL of us....... BTW: They made a DVD(of a PBS program) called, 'Weirdly Cool'. It MAY induce flashbacks. Check out their catalog, bottom of the page, here:( for some blasts from the past.
"Line up, sign up, and reenlist today!" is a line that's been stuck in my head since 1970 or so. Aah the memories.
Circle the wagons!
Why do we put the wagons in a circle?
We get better reception that way.

If you don't answer the question we'll have to gag you.
What question?
Gag him!
Ah, yes, 'Bozos," from the Spanish "bozotros."
Hmmm...What is this? Maraschino cherries. Mayonnaise. Laughing Cow cheese. I'm so hungry.
Antelope Freeway, 1 mile. If you lived here you'd be home now...