Anyone here a Terry Callier fan?...

The man has to be one of the most underrated musicians currently recording and performing. As is usually the case, he's bigger in Europe than he is in the States. None the less if you have an interest in folk/jazz give this man a listen.
Actually, a Beth Orton junkie. And of course, being a completist, I heard about the song they wrote together. So, I bought his album where she sings backup. I like it!
Interestingly that album "Lifetime" is considered to be one of his weaker efforts (Beth and Terry's duet being an exception).
You should also try to get your hands on "Speak your peace".
One of my all time favorite Callier albums is "Occasional Rain" a masterful piece of songwriting, even if some of the arrangements are a little dated. Also, from a purely acoustic folk perspective, his first album "The new folk sound of Terry Callier" is a real winner.
I can't believe it! Only one response to a man who has put out some blindingly brilliant music, well I can believe it. There's no accounting for taste. Meanwhile there's seventy plus posts for Patrica Barber, who's not bad if a tad pretentious at times, but there's no way she comes close to Mr Callier.
Come on Audiogon Audiophiles, get out there and listen to the man and then get back to me. You won't regret it.
I have been a keen follower of Terry's music. Having had my entire collection stolen a few years ago, I am only back up to 800 CDs now. I rebought the Callier albums I couldn't live without - Speak Your Peace, Time Peace and The New Folk Sound. These are enough for me right now, but Terry is a unique artist - there is no substitute for his brand of composition and soulful singing.
Thanks for the reply Redkiwi. Can I infer that you're from New Zealand?
Terry Callier is truly unique and chronically under-appreciated singer/song writer. You're quite right when you state that there's no substitute for his brand of composition and soulful singing. I would add that his lyrics are of exceptional merit as well.

For those who would like to delve further,
I read this post and bought one of his CD's. It has become one of my favorites! I will be filling out my Terry Callier collection by picking up the rest of them. Thanks for the post!
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