Anyone herad the Audio Physic Avanti 111's?

Anyone heard the Avanti 111's. Are they really as good as the press seems to think? Do they need a big room?
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Hi. These are the III (i.e.3)? If so, yes, repeatedly. I like the sound and consider them world-class speakers. (Haven't read the reviews, though.) BUT, what exactly would you like to know?
Room sizes varied, but they were OK in a smallish (c. 200ft sq) room, better in larger surroundings. Good for nearfield listening.

You may find some answers in previous threads. Try the search function & type in Avanti...

I have listened to the Avanti III twice at a dealer while I am shopping for speaker upgrade. Its overall sound is very smooth. First thing I notice is the bass. It is fast, very fast. The drummers seem having a sugar rush or have drunk too much coffee. But the bass does not go very deep. Organ lacks grandness. It does not sound thin, just not very deep. The mid and high are smooth, very easy to my ears. It is not as transparent or as detailed when comparing with the Martin Logan Prodigy, the Piega P-10, or the Magnapan 3.6R. Also, the height of the sound stage is limited and it does not have enough sound pressure for a large room.

I think you should listen to it for youself. I don't know if it is as good as the press thinks. It will not be my first choice because it does not touch my emotion.

I think you should listen to it for yourself. At this level, different speakers are just that - different. I don't like it does not mean it is not good.
They are pretty amazing with a great sense of depth and soundstaging although I did hear them half way into the room and about ten feet away from sidewalls. They were very three dimensional and open with my only criticism being that the bass was "lumpy" and lacked definition but that could have been room interaction.
I haven't personally heard them, but there is a full review in the August 2001 issue of STEREOPHILE (issue 24-8, page 77), which might be helpful to you. They were reviewed by Michael Fremer--he liked them a lot.
I would try the Virgos, you can get them new for about $4000, the Avantis will set you back $10,500. I have heard both and they are amazing in their 3D soundstaging magic and detail detail detail. Both are great for typical low level wife friendly listening volume. The avantis are more "pure" in the mid to highs, but in my view not that much different to warrant spending the cash. The Virgos are being replaced by an updated model, I hear it will run about $6000. If you can find some of the current Virgos around, I would get them, they are a fantastic value. I listened to 30-40 speakers, many in the 12-15,000 range, the Virgos were my favorite.
I have heard Virgo's on many occassions, they are good, but lack any bottom end. The Avanti 111's are supposed to be a big step up according to Framer et al. I cannot hear them anywhere near where I live, so I appreciate all feedback.
The Avanti are generally better (bass included) than the Virgos -- but need big (current) amplification to get the best out of them. Especially in the mid-bass (to MY ears, ofcourse -- yrs may differ). So, you may be looking at extra investment...

I used to have the previous model (a tad more difficult to drive than the III) and tried the following amps: Symphonic Line RG7, Pathos monos, Symphonic Line Kraft 250A, Krell 80. Best sound, by far, with the Kraft. Also highest price, by far. Great sound from the other machines, I settled for the RG7 -- but that's personal. BTW, I listen to classical.

Good luck!

At this price level, I would not recommand buying any speaker without listen to it in at least two different setups. I made that mistake before and regret it big time.
sidssp, that is good advise, I will be sure not to buy them unless I have somehow heard them. However, feedback here is also helpful. Wonder what speakers you are referring to that you made the mistake on?

Twenty some years ago, in 1978 or 1979, I bought a pair of BOSE 901 based on dealer recommendation without auditioning because it was a new revision and the dealer had not gotten the demo unit in. He also gave me a good price for pre-order. I treaded them in for a pair of KEF 104/ab three months later. I paid my tuition. I am now much older and hopefully a bit wiser.
I heard them recently with all Herron electronics & Wadia digital and the Avanti's displayed excellent, deep, tuneful bass. They sounded great - very musical, very "alive". (A specialty of Herron gear.) The Herron mono amps are powerful and clean but only 150W. As with any speaker in this class, everything else in the chain has got to be up to snuff or you really won't hear what the Avantis are capable of. They probably need a medium to large sized room.