Anyone help with Triangle Celius

I heard and liked the speaker. I am concerned about fatiguing highs, though. I have a Krell KAV 300i amp at 150 wpc. Would this be too much for the speakers? The krell is already a bright amp. Cardas Cross cables. Any ideas for suitable alternatives with the Krell and Cardass? Thanks.
The Krell 300i is deifinitely a powerful but ultra bright amp - you should sell it and pick up a Mcintosh 6850,6900 or an Accuphase 210/211 integrated. All good matches.
The Mark Levinson integrated amp, which is 100 watts per channel, works well with these speakers. Your cables are fine. You might also consider some of the less powerful Musical Fidelity amps or the top of the line Creek integrated amp.
i also am thinking about this speaker what do you think about using a VAC Avatar as a amp for the speakers ? i use svetlana EL34'S , driver tubes Mullard box plate 12AU7's , phono Telefunken 12AX7's and GE 5751 black plate tubes made in the 50's in the line stage any thoughts ?
If you like the Celius more than your Krell, maybe get amplification similar to what was used when you heard the speakers. My bet is that you can hold on to the cable.
I use a Classe Cap-100 with my Celius and don't find them bright at all.I'm sure I would be aware of it because I hate that shrill sound.(B&W for example)
Definitely a preference for low-powered tube electronics. I'm using the Audiomat Arpege [30 watts & EL34s] and the combo is by far the best that I've ever owned, easily surpassing all of the expensive stuff. Just got back from catching Marc-Andre Hamelin in person & enjoyed his Composer-Pianists cd even more than the live concert!
For the guy wanting to use the Avatar, that would work fine. Classe is softer on top and should be good too. We have had great results with the Cary SLI-80 Signature integrated amp.

Also have used various 15w single ended amps, including the super cheap ASL MGSI15DTSI at about $700. That is butter! But limited volume. A classic EL-34 push-pull amp would be cool too.

The beauty is, the sp4eaker does not need much power. But there is no such thing as too much power, so if you are thing Triangle and think you have to buy a new amp because you own a monster, don't sweat it.