Anyone heard Vincent LS-112?

Hi there, I'm currently looking at new small speakers and thus if I should spend it all on the speakers, or get a subwoofer. I can't find any information on the LS-112, but it looks rather interesting!
I've got a chance to get either a Vincent LS-112, or at the same price, two B&W SW610's...

Has anyone heard the Vincent? Looks hefty for a 12" sub, sitting at 42kg! Though 150w seems low power relative to other subs...
Hi draaglah - 

I'm familiar w/ the Bowers and Wilkins stuff but no experience w/ the Vincent.

Generally speaking, if you're looking to pair a sub (or two) with smaller speakers, you're usually better off going with the same brand/ series as the speakers that you are planning to sue so that integrate as seamlessly as possible - particularly for 2CH stereo/ music.

You didn't mention which main speakers that you're looking at so kind of tough to make a recommendation.

I'm curious though - If you're contemplating getting 2 subs, you obviously have enough floorspace for larger full-range speakers.  Why have you decided not to go that route?

Would love to better understand what you're hoping to do and the speakers that you're considering.

Well its for a relatively small room, and going with bookshelf speakers because they are easier to use as nearfield, to be easy on neighbours..

As far as the speakers I'm looking at a lot of things: Dynaudio Contour 1.4, Gamut L3, Focal Electra 906, Focal Profile 908, Avalon Monitor... Those are the main ones. The Gamut and Avalon are too expensive to get a sub with as well though. 
That's a broad range.  Ideally, if you're able to actually audition the speakers with the matching subs you're looking at, that would be a huge help.

I'm not familiar with all those choices so will let others with direct experience to chime in.

As for B&W, I've owned just about every speaker in their lineup over the years and if you're looking for bookshelf speakers from B&W, try to find a used pair of 705s and matching subs.

The 700 series is often overlooked but in my opinion represents the sweet spot in their offerings over the last 10 years or so.

If you do a pair of SW610's with the 705s, I'm sure that you would be a happy camper and they would blend nicely.

Looking forward to what others have to say about your other potential choices.


Thank you - I'm merely a bit worried because the 610 seems very light (12kg) compared to other subs, even other B&W ones like the 650 at 25.5kg, or the Vincent at 43kg... And I've heard many of B&W's speakers, and many of the cheap ones sound terrible, basically anything below CM5, just sounded confused and mushy. The asw610 is as far as I can tell in that cheaper bracket, making me very worried that it wont be very precise.
If you go w/ B&W, the ASW750 would be a great choice.  It's a 12" driver w/ 1000w amp and solid down to 25Hz.  Oh - And they're 32Kg/70lbs.  

Shop around and I bet you could find a decent used price around $2-300/ each.

I agree w/ your overall comment about the lower end of the B&W range.  I've generally only considered the 700/800 nautilus lines with the exception of the DM604 which was really good for its size and price.
I suggest a used REL as they allow a simple amp speaker output hookup and they’re cheap bought used (mine sound fabulous and cost 200 bucks each in perfect shape…a Q150e and a Q108e Mark II), and I also recommend visiting Paris in the Spring.