Anyone Heard/Use API Power Wedge 116?

I am thinking of buying the API Power Wedge 116 and want to know what other Audiophiles think. Does this piece limit amp current? Does this piece thin out the bass too much? Thanks for your help.
I think your particular application is more important. Home theater?- get a Chang Lightspeed.2 channel? get the Custom Power Bloc for the front end----only.Then get a good power cord for the amp; then straight into the wall.I do both;and have both.Not to unlike sep. amp and pre amp.One is better for one thing/the other for the other. The Power Block won't help or even work on the tv,but it KILLS the Chang for 2 channel front end application.
If you are worried about limiting amp current and want a conditioner the Vansevers conditioners are very good. One model designed specifically for power amps is called of course "The Unlimiter"
agreed- I use 2 API Ultra PCs' for ALL components, and think they are fantastic, BUT, I run my amp straight into the wall, using a good high current power cord (Custom Power Cord Co. 'Top Gun'). Hope that helps!
Forget it. The only thing that works is the PS Audio power plant. See Stereophile reviews.
Been using mine for a year, highly recommend for audiophile purposes. I could hear the difference, and I was replacing a Monster line conditioner to begin with. No one else has seperate transformers.