Anyone heard Underwood level1 3910 mod?

Has anyone heard the underwood mods? I am looking at getting a 3910 modded but I don't have another 2K to spend on a API etc. Underwood says $650.00 for their work.

Where have you been, dude??.. (just teasing).
APL is now apparently charging $5000 for his mod.
Yes, lots of choices out there.
Do your homework. Great digital is attainable for a fair price.
Man I wouldn't waste my time! Just save your money until you get what you want.

Modwrights SS mod is $1500 and promises to be exceptional
Steve at Empirical Audio is also offering a mod on the 3910...
I can acoustically damp the vibrations in your existing 3910 by filling it with peanut butter for only $275, which includes return shipping. I guarantee that everything that you hear after my mod is done to that machine will sound "smooth & creamy". If you are into hard rock / heavy metal, ask for the "crunchy" mod as the other "flavour" may not suit your personal "taste" : ) Sean
Sean: I hope for those kind of bucks you use Arrowhead Mills organic--You know for that pure organic sound.
Humor aside, I read about all these moded players. I saw last week a guy had a Tucker 29?? player with no bids on a no res auction--opening at 1750.---Or as they say gee how the mighty have fallen ??
Underwood(parts connection) does nice mods, I have a modded Shandling which sounds great. I bought a 3910 from HRAM(Verastar) This unit has a clock upgrade front 3 channels and 2 channel (cd) upgrades I am very happy with both the above modded units.
Could you tell us more about the modded 3910? I read their ad here on audiogon. It seems like their upgrades are focused on the new clock and on the power supply, with less done to the output stage. Other modders have radically redesigned or even junked the stock output stage.
I have the Underwood 3910 Level 2 mod, w/superclock and bybees; very nice, though since it's my only mod'ed player I couldn't tell you if the other mod'ers are doing something better/different. It certainly has the best sound I've experienced in my rig, and that includes a much more expensive Audiomeca Mephisto II.X.
Sean, What are you trying to tell us? I'm trying to do your mod myself, but I'm not sure whether I should use Skippy or JIF. Will I void my warranty? Love the new Sean! Keep it up...but, don't stay away. Its a good fix for what ails you (and us).
I am well satisfied with my Underwood mod to a Denon 2900. I do not have another player for side by side comparison, but I do believe that the sonics are better. Certainly the workmanship, evident by removing the cover, is top drawer. Apart from the sonics, dealing with Wally was no sweat, and the whole project including shipping both ways, took less than two weeks. I have heard horror stories about delays with other shops.
I will second Eldartford's comments re: workmanship, sound, ease of transaction and timeliness.

Is there more information about the clock? I am interested in sending in my current player for this upgrade and wondered if they will install the clock. Is it truely an APL clock?

So far no response to my email inquiry and its over a week.

As far as reaching HRAM for info call Mike at 777-433-9434
he will be glad to take to you about what mods he is offering on the 3910
I would love to hear from somebody that has actually sent in their 3910 and was familiar with the "before" so that they could compare the "after."

I was thinking about getting the "Ultimate" but before I jump in and spend $2700 to tweak my existing 3910 I wanted to ask around a little.

I can't speak to the Mods, but I've bought several pieces of equipment from Wally and can vouch for him as a great guy to deal with. Also, check out Six, I think they have a number of reviews of Wally's modded products.
La45, yes, HRAM indeed uses APL Master Clock.

I am currently evaluating the 3910 mod. I purchased the Ultimate and sent Parts Connexion my 3910. I have finally let the unit burn in for 200 hours as Wally recommended. So far I am disappointed. The upper bass is overly pronounced and the overall sound isn't open. Vocals never come alive - low level detail seems obscured maybe because of the overly warm upper bass. I am AB-ing the unit with a Benchmark DAC-1. I will say that I don't remember the Benchmark sounding as good as it does now. The mod replaces the clock which Wally claims improves the digital out. I believe that has made a large difference. I have ordered some NOS Mullard 6922 tubes which I'm going to try in the unit next week.
Just a suggestion...
I have a APL 3910.
Perhaps your modded 3910 requires a different interconnect and power cord .
Try a silver interconnect like AZ, Kimber Select,Ridgestreet Audio, Purist Dominus, etc.
It may tighten the bass and open the sound.
The Purist Dominus power cord is awesome with my APL 3910.
Kisisam, Up front - I know nothing about your 3910 modded Denon. I'm reacting to your proposed tube change and I'm speculating.

Arn't the Mullards noted for a warmth which might be contra-indicated, especially if you are finding the mod'd Denon overly warm in the upper bass and, presumably because of the 'vocals which never come alive', closed in in the upper mid's and highs and you are finding the Benchmark more appealing. I would have thought a tube like a Seimans or 'Tele' might have been more appropriate. Just a guess/thought.
Newbee, this is from Upscale Audio's website: "Mullard 6922 - Made in Great Britain. In red National Electric boxes. National Electric was the Sovtek of the 60's and 70's: They re-labelled tubes from all over and exported them under their name. These are real Mullards with the dimpled dish getter. Will give you that famous smooth Mullard midrange, with a smidge more energy on top. Great tube if your system is a little relaxed, as they will give you more sparkle in the highs. You may hear a slight "ting!" through your speakers when you move switches, or tap on the preamp. This is normal." Their Siemans are way out of my price range.
What I have found in 6922 tube rolling is that siemens top to bottom are the most detailed, telefunken the most neutral, amprex very nice mids and base, mullards are a warm tube if your system tends to be bright a good option but perhaps not as detailed as the others.
Don't trust what vendors say or their prices. The stock tubes on Parts conextion 3910 are mediocre. Try the Mullard it will be an improvement but I agree with Dennis's comments. I run a set of affordable Siemans 6Dj8 from VTS tubes in my 3910 and they are fantastic. And yes I did have the upper bass problem you mention, until I tube rolled. One other thing to consider is that if this is a big source improvement for you do not discount the idea of having to re-position your speakers. You may have placed you speakers to make up for source problems, ie weak bass.
forgot to recommend you search for "Joe's Tube Lore" lots of good info
It appears that I have spoken too soon. My disdain for this mod has evaporated. The Mullard tubes with some burn-in time has produced a really terrific CD player. Extremely listenable with great presence. Perhaps a little warmer than the Benchmark, but it doesn't send me out of the room like the Benchmark. Thanks to all for the tube advice - especially Dsremer and Nickturner920. I'm going to call VTS today and order a pair of Siemans tubes. (Although the sweetness of these Mullards is hard to resist).