Anyone heard Ubiq Model One?

Anyone heard Ubiq Model One and can tell me how it sounds? Is the treble harsh og bad recordings, like almost all high end speakers? How is this speaker on 80's hard rock recordings?

Yes I've heard them. The treble is not harsh, quite the opposite in fact. I found their overall sound quite soft. They didn't hit the mark for me.
Goes to show you how much opinions vary. I thought they were dynamic and extended and airy on top. Really nice speaker, if they would have worked with my 300b amps they would be high on list, IMHO.
Dealer disclaimer-

The Ubiq model One's are available for demo with Vitus electronics at in Manhattan.

Rothwea, what electronics did you hear the Ubiq with?  
I finally got to hear these speakers the other day. The top end is anything but harsh. They aren't the last word in resolution, but have a very warm, beguiling and addictive sound that makes bad recordings sound listenable. 
The variation in responses is intriguing. I heard these speakers via an Ayre Tube Integrated with KT-150's, run in triode mode. Perhaps there was a mismatch here that resulted in an overly soft sound (which was not apparent with the other speakers auditioned in the same session). My impression overlaps with Ochremoon's, but with the pendulum swinging further in the soft/veiled direction.
Correction - the amp was an Ayon Triton III KT150 Integrated. FWIW - my over riding impression of this amp/UBIQ combo was a lack of immediacy (and I am not a detail freak). It may have been a matching issue.