Anyone heard this tube integrated?

Found this one on the Internet. Sure looks cool, but how does it sound?
click here to check it out
Looks good, but where do you buy it?
I've seen it for sale on Audiogon. A fellow audiophile I emailed with said it sounded very good (for what that's worth). I have not heard it myself.
I have one, JJ 828, and two of my friends also have them. I retired my Sonic Frontiers Power One for this and never looked back. This is a very high quality amp at a reasonable price because it is made in Slovakia. The company manufactures the Tubes, Caps, and Transformers in house! I can't think of anybody who gives so much for so reasonable a price. I also have a JJ 322 Parallel 300B amp that just makes my horns sing.
I know this thread might be dead, but can someone describe the sound of the JJ 828? How tight is the bass? How detailed is it? How smooth is it? Does it have enough slam for heavy metal, trip hop & electronic?