Anyone heard the Zu Cable "Druids"....

6-Moons just did a nice review but, I am struggling trying to understand how well a 10" driver can perform covering the frequency range to 12Khz. And, no mention of beaming which is a surprise. The individual doing the Soundstage review a couple years ago wasn't quite as estatic about these speakers but, there have been some revisions since that particular review. It is an interesting speaker and the 60 day trial period offered is commendable. Has anyone heard this speaker?
I have a pair at home right now ...was sceptical like you but they really do many things very well. the addition of the supertweeter is the biggest asset ... without it the speaker would be quite boring. Bass is very good to about 45hz then rolls off quickly but it is taut and defined. Lots of "jump factor" and they really do sound great with a variety of music. If you are anywhere near NE PA email and we can set-up a time for you to hear them.

Well, I'm in NC and PA is a bit too much of a jaunt. But thanks for the offer. I would like to hear them to see if they would suit my preferences.

By the way, do you notice any beaming? Is the sweet spot small?

I like what 6-Moons had to say about the new sub.


Zu is coming to Easton PA for a demo session on September 16 & 17. They will be brining their current speaker line up & some cables.

I hope to meet some of you there.

Where exactly is the demo in Easton? Thanks.
sweet spot is no smaller than with any direct radiating speaker and larger than some ... not a head in a vise speaker by any means. worth a listen if you are in the market.
The demo is going to be at the Hampton INN near the RT 33 & RT 248 interchange.

Rgs92 are you local?
Yes, central Jersey. Thanks.
I have a pair of Zu's now-discontinued Rune model, which I had upgraded in April to Druid Mk4 specs with the latest drivers, internal wiring and back plate. The cabinet design is the same for both models, but differed in the method of construction.

I have been very pleased with them, great coherence and balance. They are fast, dynamic and intimate. I'm driving the Druids to great effect with a 2 Wpc tube amp.

They are rated down to 40Hz, which is plenty for me. Even with just 2 Watts of tube amplification, the bass is not flabby or out of control, in my system and room, which is admittedly on the small side. Previously, I was using a 125 Wpc solid-state amp in a larger room with very good results also, not better or worse, just different.

Apparently, the bass response can be lowered slightly by using shorter spikes so that the base is 3/4" from the floor. Currently, mine are about 1 1/4" from the floor and I don't feel the need to lower them, but I may try it eventually.
I own the Druids ,the new mk4 models .At first listen
I could see the outer detail was there and dynamics ,
but were very congested FOR the first150 hours ,the driver is so stiff I used burn in cdsfor the 30s region to
get the big driver moving . Now 200 hours later and please remember on the bottom it is very critical to have just over a jewel case for the vent.everything just falls into place after that. You here sounds
in recordings that you never knew were there.
Also when using as a 2 channel for the movies you hear phantom sounds from your side and back , that is freaky.
If you have a valve amp ,ask the guys at zu to break them in, other wise a small amp may not have enough reserves for transient attacks to get the driver moving.the guys
at Zu are Class all facets including shipping were covered these are the best buy in all of audio.The cables
have not had a formal review
They are dam good also , compare at several times their cost.The 2nd cables from the top are superb high end buys,and I have bought a homes worth of audio in my day.
thanks Paul-UK
Can someone then explain the measurements Soundstage got when they tested this speaker? This does not look like a great speaker to me.....perhaps the pair they had was defective?
The Soundstage measurements for the Druid are irrelevant to actual performance. The problem is they followed a standard practice of suspending the speaker in free space for the test. The Druid MUST be used on the floor for the Griewe principle to work. The actual performance is much more neutral/natural than that since-discredited graph.

As for beaming, Druid is more directional than, for example, the more expensive Definition, but it's not so restricted as, say, a Quad ESL-57. In practice, the area of holographic focus is about 3 people wide, but the sonic impression doesn't fall off a cliff outside that window. They are quite listenable throughout the room.

None of their models sounded good to me the one day I heard them, which is one possible way to explain the speaker measurements if not the more enthusiastic reviews....
HOLY COW! I hope the speakers were faulty or the test.That frequency response graph has more pot holes than a New York city street!LOL

I hope to hear the Zu's soon. That's if they ever make it to the ATL.
Those who attended yesterday's meeting of the Chicago Audio Society heard both the Druids and the Definitions, presented by Adam and Sean of Zu Cable. The speakers were driven briefly by a pair of larger Nuforce amps, then by a pair of Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk II.3 amps. Associated equipment included a Lessloss DAC 2004 fed by Rega Planet modified by Lessloss to be used as a transport, a Harmonix Reimyo CDP-777 CD player, and an Atma-Sphere MP-3 preamp. Cabling included Zu Cable speaker cable, interconnects, and power cords, as well as other brands. A Creative Cable Concepts Blue Streak line conditioner was used for front end components.
More information should be in next month's Chicago Audio Society newsletter which will be posted on the site,
Thanks for the info Brian. Looking forward to the newsletter.
Anyone own Druids in SE Michigan? Care for some company?