Anyone heard the Von Schweikert VR-2000's?

HI. I currently have a set of Von Schweikert VR-2000's, which I think sound great. They are out of the old "Virtual Reality Theatre" line that was designed to produce both a worthy audiophile-level speaker and a decent front speaker for HT use. They feature a 1" tweeter, 1" rear-firing driver, mid (I think 6.5") driver, and 10" side-firing driver. Sensitivity is 91db. They retailed at around $2100.

Has anyone else heard or owned these speakers? If so, can you suggest some worthy alternatives in that price range, that may sound just as good, but be a bit smaller and less efficient? They seem to overpower my 14'x12' room, and I would like to downsize a bit. I also think that the 10" driver may not be as accurate as a series of smaller drivers (such as on the current VR-2).

I took my VR-2000's to a local mid-fi shop (the only one in town) and tried them against some Mirage OM-9's, and there was no contest-tighter bass, better vocals, crisper highs, great imaging all on the VR-2000 over the OM-9's. But, that was their priciest in-stock speaker (I think they go for $1300). I would like some comparison to other speakers if possible-I live in a remote, rural area, therefore packing up my huge speakers and driving 3.5 hours each way to Portland isn't realistic. Therefore, if someone has experience with these speakers and other comparable models, I would appreciate your thoughts!
When did these come out? I checked the VS web site and there is no mention of these. Were did you buy them?
Hi. I bought these in the spring of 1998. They are in the "archives" section, or whatever is the equivalent (acutally the VR-2100's are listed). I did a search and haven't found anything on them yet-I just want to know how they stack up against the competition!
The older VS models were larger and more room imposing then the current models. When VS redesigned their line, I believe that one of the criteria was to make them smaller but still maintain their great sound qualities, which is not an easy thing to do. I own the VR'2's and I am very happy with their perfomance in my 15 x 24' room, which half of is our dining area. I'm running them with a 35W tube amp, and while the bass is not overpowering, a sub is still needed for HT.

I also listened to the VR4 Jr's. and while they throw a wider sound stage and have deeper bass, I think they need more watts to really make them sing, and a large room.

I also listened to the VR1's and didn't care for them versus the VR2's.