Anyone heard the Vandersteen model #5?

Am very interested in this speaker. I've come a long way and have pretty much narrowed it down to 2: Vandersteen model #5 and Montana EPS. Has anyone heard the former? Got rave reviews in IAR and TAS. Thanks.
I have heard the 5's, and in fact, am waiting for mine to be built. I believe them to be one of the best speakers I have ever heard. The bass is without peer, the mids are fast and open, the highs are sweet. Best feature may be that they can be tuned to your room - so - the may be the best sounding speaker in the world in real-world applications!! Mine are 4 weeks away - CANNOT WAIT!!!
Someone else just asked the same question recently. I think the posts are in "Best of Audio". Anyway as I said there I recently sold a substantially more expensive speaker speaker/subwoofer combination for the 5s. I completely agree with JKphoto's post. Now that the 5s are tuned for my room I can't believe how articulate and musical they are. They are easy to drive and play all kinds of music well. They draw you into the music rather than pushing it into your face(though many prefer the latter). In my room, to my ears they are the most natural, enjoyable speakers I have ever heard.
I have only heard the 5's in a showroom, but I was stunned at how good they sound. I have a pair of Vandy 3A Signatures, which are very good, but not in the same league with the 5's. The Absolute Sound's recent issue devoted to "ultimate" systems at price points from $3500 to the stratosphere included the Vandy 5's in one of their proposed systems. The author said that the 5's, paired with a good amp, offer superb sound at an astounding good price ($10K is relative, I guess). I can't speak to how the Montana speakers might sound in your home, but I simply can't see how you can better at $10K than the Model 5's, particularly with their capability for being custom-tuned to your listening room.
I have heard both speakers and in my opinion, there is no comparison. The Vandersteen 5 smokes the Montana's. At different times in different showrooms, I spent about an hour and 1/2 with each. My initial impression with the 5's was "Wow". I had no such impression with the Montana's. The Montana has limited deep bass capability. The Vandersteen has breathtaking mids and highs while the Montana can sound a little harsh upstairs. If I were you, I wouldn't hesitate. Buy the 5's.
Well. FInally got my Model 5's - The dealer came over and did his adjustments - and I must admit - I have never heard better bass anywhere at any time. It is truly world class. The interesting thing though is that once the bass was adjusted, the mid-range/tweeter simply transformed - opened right up and became simply outstanding. My feeling is that given the ability of these speakers to match your room, they are not only the best value in loudspeakers today, they are likely the speakers you can get to sound the best in YOUR room!! Buy them before the price goes up!! Trust your ears - no one will ever review these properly as they stomp all over speakers costing many multiples more - there is too much at stake in the industry. If Vandersteen were to triple his price - you would find these being in the top echelon of speakers from every reviewer. Get them while you can!!!
I have some interest in this speaker,but;I would be buying 2 extra amps/that come with.I can understand the attraction to/for sub lovers;but finding 2 extra outlets is also a concern.I do ht also,but sub-less(apt dweller) Loosing my Aerial 10's and spending 7grand more is a risky situation.Anybody made this transition?
Avguy, assuming you are adequately driving the Aerials, it's not a cost effective upgrade to go to the Vandersteen 5. The Vandys are a better speaker, but the differences are not earth shattering.
Onhwy,I have Jadis 7/4. Also I have become like the guy in clockwork orange/ or sort of conciderate/ depending how you look at it.I have a CAT 3 and the volume 'most never gets to 9 o'clock. So my quest is dynamics at lower volume.Purity of tone/maybe Def Lepard playing quietly.(not!)Acustic well recorded material is my bag. Got a smallish say 15x16 L shapped room;the long part of the L is to narrow, so I have a part corner behind the speaker on the right /full wall on the left.Thus 2/3 to my right is open.Never heard the Vandys--you?? and the 10's?? From your comments I assume yes. The Jadis may not be the best choice in a larger room for head-banging/but in no way am I under amplified. quality;not quantity. The TAS article mentions mid and upper mid a bit layed back,compared to some of those 10/20 grand jobs--True?? Thanks for listening/reading. PS I do actually own the Def,and on vinyl of course.
Avguy, I have no in home experience with either, only show room demos. Very impressed with the Aerial, but told by dealer that they require big wattage amplifiers. The Vandys did everything just a little better, but not dramatically so, IMO. I wouodn't call the Vandy laidback, but then again I prefer a mid-hall presentation. If I were building a system from scratch, the V5 would probably be my first choice. You should contact the manufacturer as to whether they would work in your room. My earlier comment is more a reflection of how I slide along the diminishing return curve. I guess I'm really saying that I could happily live with either speaker.
Hi,Me again,I seem to be getting the "feel".It would be the better speaker,if you had no speakers at all/as in worth the price dif.between each new. Seems like I catch on a little slower /as in; as I scrool back/your first post states it quite clearly.Then from "Fiddler on the Roof": "If I were a rich man";I'd listen to'em in my room.But thanks:Got it.My dealer has less objectivity.