Anyone heard the Usher speakers?

They certainly do look very impressive and the numbers are right, but I don't know of any dealer that carries them in NJ area so I don't have the opportunity to listen. Any info will be useful.

I owned the 8871s and loved them. They are beautiful though very big (about 53 inches high and 200lbs) and are very coherent and dynamic. They are definitely a best buy for the money and I think are in the same league as the verity parcifals and Talons Khoruses both of which are terrific speakers which I have also owned. I sold them because they were a little big for my NYC apt, but other than that would have kept them.
If you are willing to throw some money into replacing the crosover,and changing the tweeters you will have a winner.The cabinetry,construction,dampening,and woofer and midrange are all first rate.The crossovers(2 per speaker)use inferior parts,and must be overhauled.The tweeter,is a bad copy of a Revelator II and should be changed to a real Scanspeak.A big room is a must as the speakers throw off a huge soundstage,and are probably one of the best looking speakers around.Workmanship is firt rate.
As a dealer for Usher Audio located in Texas, I can steer you in the direction of a the closet authorized dealer,,, Mass., for an up close audition (see the site for location details.

Usher Audio will be presented again this year at the CES, and hopefully the terrific response generated last year, will carry over to print media for review in the near future.

See the previous thread Virgo/Usher for some feedback and certainly visit the audiogon ads for detailed info on a specific model.
These Usher's are terrific inside and out, with SOTA drivers, crossovers, and enclosure design. The wood finishes are superb, the value of these fine speakers,, exceptional.

What drivers do the Usher use? Do they use Scanspeak cloned drivers? I remember there was a story about Scanspeak being upset, that Usher said they used there drivers. I think Usher used cloned Scanspeak Drivers.
Usher builds their own drivers used in many of there models, and also use the expensive ceramic membrane Accuton, and Eton drivers in several others as well. See and (FAQ). Usher has partnerships with many worldwide audio companies and manufacturers. I know of no patent infringement issues or ramifications of using "like" drivers.


Does the tweeter has the same spec as scanspeak, directly changeable or you have to modify the crossover?
I agree with you, love C paper cone woofer but not the tweeter.
Thanks if you can give more info about your experience.