anyone heard the usher 6 series speakers?

anyone heard the usher 6311's, 6371's, or 6381 speakers?
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Check out for an upcoming review. Look for comments from user name Captain Humble. He just auditioned a pair of Usher CP-6311's on Saturday and will be posting a mini review.
I have the 6371's and I absolutley love them.

From a build quality standpoint, Ive yet to see a speaker that can better them. They are beyond beautiful.

The sound is warm and clear. Bass is a little light, Ive heard the 81's are much better. Light though it may be, it is still crisp and precise.

These are keepers in my book, especially considering the price break.

North American and Euro Hi-Fi manufacturers better take heed, The Chinese market is coming on hard.

Usher is a Taiwanese company, not Chinese. Just want to be politically correct.
Fact is that the Danes (Denmark) ESPECIALLY Seas' makes the world's best drivers, best speakers. China/Taiwan, nor any other country can touch them. Never will. But will agree the Chinese amps/cdp's will make the europeans and US manufactures scream in pain at their drop in sales. There is a certain china lab that I'm thinking of in particular. Won't name.
Bartokfan, of course you realize that statement is a huge blanket that you just threw over the entire audio world. Wether or not a speakers sound is pleasing to the ear is so subjective.

Even if you were correct, the price break is so extreme between the two markets that the difference in price is getting harder and harder to explain considering performance.
Sounds like proof by assertion, Bartokfan, although I'll grant you Seas makes pretty good stuff. Ever heard of Audio Technology? Probably not, as they do custom work among other things.


I just spoke with an importer of Usher and he told me that yes, Usher claims to be made in Taiwan but are actually made in China. He claims that in an attempt to keep their price point higher, they base their company in Taiwan but are actually built and assembled in China.

Dont know if its true but this guy is involved heavily in the Asian market.
I own the 6381 series of The User line and I have to say they are some of the best speakers I have ever heard in their price range ($3400 new). They are liquid, dynamic, and articulate in the mid and high ranges. Bass is refined although I have added an REL Strata III sub because I also use the Users in HT. I never tire of admiring the drop-dead gorgeous black piano finish. They are simply stunning to look at (in fact, atmospheric positive WAF). They probably function better in larger rooms since they are 48" high and weigh in at 130+ lbs each.

For an excellent review of tweeters, which includes Usher, Seas, Dynaudio, and Scan, go to the following URL: I bought them directly form the Usher distributor for the USA, Thee High End, at

Have to disagree with Bartokfan about the quality of Asian made products. In the case of the Ushers, the Danes may soon have to run for their financial lives. The future is now.
Bartokfan, your claim is a bit over the top to say the least.