Anyone heard the Thiel Subs

Anyone heard the Thiel subs? They sound very promising.
Heard one at sound by singer in ny and i thought it was one of THE best subs at any price.
I heard one at Thiel mated with the 2.4's
Incredible sub! I will never forget the sound from this combo.
I heard the same combo at Thiel as David99. Echo his opinion. I've been saving my pennies ever since...
The SW1 is an absolutely incredible sub. I wanted to put one into my system, but unfortunately, I have major room anomalies to deal with, and the Thiel didn't offer the level of control necessary to really tame my room (ended up with Velodyne DD-12).
I have the thiel sub in a ht room with thiel powerpoints. the room is odd shaped as it serves as a room for playing pool as well as av. The sub is great. Very flexible and very well matched to thepower points. You can do cheaper, but you cannot do better.
Kinsekd- Did Shari dim the lights and let 'em blast?? She did for me..
I had her play 'time' by Pink Floyd.Then she left and the tech,Rob came in and we played some Metallica!
I swear,I have not had such a rush in years.
The imaging was a good 5-6 feet outside the speakers..and the bass!!!
I never did meet or even see Mr.Thiel.I think he hides out most of the day.
When I was in the back in the work area, I noticed a cabinet about 5 feet high by about 3 feet wide by about 3 feet deep with 2 huge holes in it.
Rob told me its a cabinet for a prototype sub they are working on.It was mammoth! Anyone hear anything about a 'newer' sub coming out?
How'd ya like their demo room? Awesome,eh?
David99, thats the new Thiel SS4 sub. There's a pic of it on Thiels site.

The model SS4 employs two long-throw 15" woofers in a 51" H x 19" W x 26.5" D, 290 pound cabinet with up to 113 dB of output at 20 Hz and up to 120 dB at 30 Hz to meet the needs of consumers who desire extraordinary amounts of bass output for their home theater or music systems.

I see they now offer 4 subs. The old SW1 is now apparently the SS2. There is a smaller unit (SS1) and two larger ones.

No she didn't. I guess she must've thought you were cuter than I. ;o)

Actually, I had my wife and son with me, so my flexibility was somewhat limited.

BTW, I haven't seen any pricing information on the new Thiel subs. Has anyone else? Wondering how big a chunk these bad boys will take out of my budget.
It all depends on what you want this sub to do.The Thiel would do well in a 80% music system.It went deep but not the kind of deep that puts in the submarine in the movie U-571 .The trade offs would be music.This thing hits music between the eyes.Good luck.
Tombowlus, you could have picked up an outboared RANE PE17 parametric EQ and poped it into the signal path for even more flexibility! Buying a sub because it had build in EQ's isn't my first consderation. I'd buy a better sub and do the EQ'ing myself!...that's me.
True, but then I would have also had to buy a unit to give me all the control over the crossover, phase, and polarity. I would need quality interconnects, more outlets, and space for both units. Then, I would still have to buy a great sounding sub. Now granted, I would have done all of this (as needed), if I couldn't find a great sounding sub that incorporated all of these features. But believe me, the DD-series do deserve a listen. While I slightly preferred the sound of the SW1, the difference was not as great as I thought it would be, and when you consider the price difference, that's pretty incredible. I guess what I am saying is that I am not convinced that I could have bought a noticeably better sub (at least not for my system).
According to Mr. Thiel, he designed this smartsub to compliment his SC4
monitor.  It would be interesting to hear a combo w/ one of his floor-standing models, though.
I had the SS2 with the custom crossover to go with my CS6s and, though it sometimes marginally improved the lowest notes, I felt that, overall, the CS6s sounded better without it.  Perhaps this was due to room-dependent phase cancelling of the lowest octaves in my particular set up. In any case, there was overall better coherence without the sub in system and I ended up selling it to a happier customer.
TY- stevecham