Anyone heard the Scorpio?

I have just heard the new Audio Physic Scorpio and I was really impressed. It filled a very large room with high ceilings with bass to spare. No one- note, bloated bass, but good full bass.My first impression of the speaker before hearing it was that I would be disappointed as it was replacing the top of the line Revel speaker at the dealer's.The rest of the system was VTL 7.5 line stage, Audio Aero Capitole(Newest)Levinson 431, Brinkmann, Rhea,phono, and Shunyata wires.
I am interested to know who else have heard this speaker and with what kind of gear from the cheapest to the most expensive.All opinions will be appreciated.
Naughty naughty, you didn't SEARCH, did you? If you had, you would have found this , wherein I called the sound from the Scorpios possibly the best-overall sound at the ICES in January.
I have heard them with VTL amps, an Ayre pre-amp & CD player and Transparent cables. Very natural sound, super imaging and great low end. Sterling midrange. In comparison in the store I liked them better than the Wilson Sophia.

The Sophia was portrayed as more neutral by the salesman but I found it sterile and lifeless where as the Scorpio evoked emotion. Definitely a speaker I would consider if I ever give up my Silverline Sonatas.

There's a review on Superior Audio. Sounds like a great speaker.