Anyone heard the Salk Veracity HT2-TL?

This is the new transmission line version of Veracity HT2. Looks good and has a nice price point but how do they sound?
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Go to AudioCircle. This is where you will find out the information you need.
Hi Rja,

I have Salk Ht-3s which are their 3 way. They are very, very nice. Built quality is excellent and you can get any veneer or paint you want. Jim is great to deal with. No dealers, so you eliminate the middle man.

Their sound is on the neutral side. They let you hear how your upsteam components sound.They don't sugar coat everything. They are smooth,detailed with great bass. The drivers speak with one voice.

The HT-2TLs don't go as low but suppose to sound about the same.

On Audio Circle Jim has a list of owners who are willing for you to audition in your area. The few people who heard them IMS placed orders. You get a lot for your money IMHO.