Anyone heard the Rogue Zuess???

Has anyone had any time with this amp yet? It looks like a nice big tube amp with lot's of nice features, but looks don't always sound good.
There was an in showroom review of it over at AA a few days ago. It's the only post I have seen on it so far. It does look sweet.
I heard it at the Son et Image show in Canada. Ok sounding. Didnt' care for the aesthetic (or lack thereof). Generally, another big brute tube amp in a market already overpopulated with them. If I was shopping for one of these, I'd look @ CJ, BAT, maybe VTL. the Zeus just doesn't do much for me, either sonically or visually.

Ed Golden ears you sure do not have.
What an unfair hatchet job on one of the best amps to hit the market in years.
To suggest that CJ BAT VTL are better choices is really unfair .
Your hearing needs to be checked.
People go listen do not let Ed's bad ears turn you away.

Not only is it a great sounding unit. Its a steal at the price listed.

Dealers who sell amps at 2 times the price will not bring the Zeus in to sell.

Why cause they would not be able to sell overpriced CJ BAT VTL Gear when compared side to side.
I certainly agree with p.daneluzzi. The Zeus is a formidable contender sonically and when price is concerned it's a jaw-dropper. Build-quality is precise from the spring-loaded fastening nuts on the chassis to the logical location of the meters, fuses and pots for biasing. Rogue rocks on this one. I'd buy this amp today if I hadn't already spent 4x its price on my monoblocs.