Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?

An ad in TAS... touting this box. I remain skeptical but would like to know what your impressions are if you have heard whatever it does!
Ditto Mark....

I spent the holidays an my vacation home where I do not have a qol in that system. A very nice system, was once my primary audiophile setup, but I could not wait to get back and listen to my daily system that runs qol.

I kept thinking....what the heck is missing....what did I change there...then it struck me....I should have brought the qol with me.

Interesting how one grows acustom to a way of listening and when it is gone, it is easily noticed and missed.
Nak8, I do not understand how this technology works after reading all I can. What I do understand is when you hear it you know it is right and sounds much more live and correct. Not all recordings are as improved as much as others, but all benefit and some dramatically. Just read review of the qol unit in the latest TAS by Robert Harley with his super high-end system. He also is in love or lust as much as I am with his unit and it ain't going nowhere. ((smile)) Marc PS It is hard for me to listen to my car stereo much anymore, as I miss all the extra the qol unit brings into play. Long live qol, I need it every night!
Ron Buffington of Liquid HiFi here in Charlotte NC.

I am an authorized dealer for QOL and recently plugged in my demo unit and the effect is not subtle. Significantly larger soundstage, improved imaging with more air around instruments and musicians, improved depth of field.

I would be pleased to demonstrate the unit for any interested parties in the area in my systems or yours.

Marc777 got his from me and actually encouraged me to get involved with the QOL, and we are both very glad to have them in our systems