Anyone heard the Plinius M14 phono-stage ?

I am considering purchasing a Plinius M14 for my analogue rig . Has anyone heard or own an does it rank and sound , please list what phono's you auditioned against the M14 .

My gear for reference :
Plinius SA 250 MKIV
Plinius M16
Amazon Ref TT
Tri-Planar Arm
ZYX UNIverse Cart.
XLO L.E"s Cable
Totem Shaman Loudspeakers

Thanks in advance .

I have a Plinius M14 phono stage. The rest of my system is a Plinius SA-102 amp, LAMM LL2 pre amp, Michell Gyro TT, Shelter 501 cartridge and B&W Nautilus 803 speakers.
My previous phono stage was the MM/MC phono stage in a Sonic Frontiers SFP1 signature pre amp. Before that I had a MM phono stage in a Conrad Johnson PV10 pre amp.
The Plinius with the LAMM completely out classes these two units but then it is a separate phono stage. I bought it because I wanted a SS phono stage to minimize noise and match with a very quiet tube pre amp like the LAMM. I also liked its high/low gain and cartridge load adjustability and the fact that it also matched visually well (black with front handles) with the pre-amp and amp (I know true audiophiles aren't supposed to care about looks but I do!)
I am very pleased with the unit which matches well with my setup - quiet, clean, crisp, fast with lots of gain. I actually prefer to use the low gain setting most of the time even with my .4MV Shelter MC cartridge because it gives me more adjustability and headroom in the preamp and is plenty loud (about 11:00 setting is good for normal listening). Someday I would move up to the LAMM phono stage and one of their top amp/pre-amp setups but this would be a quantum leap in cost.

Hi Jyprez ,

Thanks for your feedback . Did you try other phono-stages before purchasing the M14 and what did you think ? If you don't mind me asking what did you pay for it ?

Thanks again ,
Trevor .
I heard the EAR 834p and a Rouge at an audio dealer but i didn't do extensive listening tests. Mostly I bought on the reputation of Plinius with their excellent Sa-102 amp. As I recall, I paid about 50% of list
Sorry my english is very bad...

I have Micro Seiki RX 1500G / Linn Ittok III / Benz LP Ebony cartridge and Well Tempered Turntable Classic / Linn Asaka cartridge.
Also, I have Prépré Cochet PP2, Prépré Accuphase C7, RIAA Audio Research PH1, RIAA Conrad Johnson EV1, RIAA Linn Linto, RIAA Lukaschek PP1.

I have Plinius M14 and Pass Xono in test.

Linn Linto is better than Plinius M14.
Better bass, better soundstage, more dynamic, more transparent and more lovely voices.

Pass Xono is very good.

The best, in my system is Pass Xono.
Lot of information and beautiful sounstage.

Second is Accuphase C7 + AR PH1

Third is Linn Linto.

Conrad EV1 have beautiful voices, but many colorations.

But my CD have better bass. More physic, more punch.

The rest of my system is drive Métronome Technologie Kalista, DAC Métronome Technologie C1A mkIII, DAC Jadis JS1, préampli FM Acoustics FM155, Conrad Johnson 1er Twelve XS and Conrad Johnson MV125 amplifiers, TAD TSM1 speakers.