Anyone heard the OPPO multifunction cd player.

I went to a friend house and I heard this player,I was
amazed how musical this player is,I end up listening
for 2 hours,I did not even have plan to stay more than
30 minutes.I want to hear your experience,thanks
in advance.
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I showed with the Oppo 970HD at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and again at T.H.E. Show last week. Here's a link to some images from T.H.E. Show, where you can barely see the Oppo underneath a preamp in one room and underneath a dac (alongside a tube power amp) in another:

Obviously I think pretty highly of the Oppo, which I don't sell.

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Folks over at totally love this oppo. They use it to feed some of the highest-end systems including the Anthem D2, NEC plasmas, and Sony pearl projectors.
So is it a great transport as opposed to stand alone?
I have the 970HD and think it is a truly great player, for the money. Check out the threads here and AVS. I think there is a consensus that until all the formats are better agreed upon, this is the player to have while waiting. There are better stand-alone CDPs, but only if you spend more money. I have been using a Jolida 100A ($950), Classe' .3(sold) and Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler ($1495) which are all better, but more money. Occasionally I will listen to the 970 with Redbook CD and the sound is somewhat compressed, but it really shines with DVD-A and SACD.
Tgisham the sound I heard on my friend house has 3D,its
not compress.
That's the great thing about audio, everyone hears something different! To my ears, the Oppo does not compare to stand alone CDPs of any quality, but it doesn't need to, at that price! Enjoy the music!
Has anyone listened to the new Oppo DV-981?

I want to take advantage of my 1080P HDTV and was thinking the Oppo would be a good substitute.
Like most, I'm sitting on the sidelines waiting until the dust settles between Blu Ray and HD DVD before I commit.
Tgrisham what I heard fro my friend house is totally live
music almost, the Palpability is world class.Yes I do,agree
different system,different sound..