Anyone heard the Opera Quinta?

I was curious as to feedback of the newer Opera Quinta (tweeter and 3 6.5" Seas drivers), front leatherette. Anyone heard it? Any reviews floating around out there? Good for a medium-sized (430sq foot) room? I am looking for a detailed, yet "musical" speaker, full-range, with accurate midrange and bass. I have always liked the SF Cremona, but it is out of my price range, as is the Divina from Opera.
this is a very refined speaker. it is similar in sound to sonus and chario. if you have a room thats not too incredibly big, its a speaker that is very balanced.
Haven't heard the newest model, but I have owned the original model for several years. I am very happy with them and would have to spend several times more to better them. I agree with Jaybo about them being "refined" and would also add that they image well.
Thanks! How do these compare to the Sonus Faber Domu Grand Piano? I heard them recently and they sounded very nice. I noticed that the Quinta drivers are made by Seas, so they might be a little bit better "bang for the buck" than the Domus. Not sure if they sound better though.
Have not heard them but am thinking about getting them.Only I don't know what they would sound like in my system. I am using a Plinius M16 preamp with a balanced technology vk500 amp. Anyidea as to sound? Thanks! buddy1
Just ordered a pair; will be getting in a few days. I'll report back, but also wondering what others have experienced with them.
also interested in the qiuntas or the seconda. just wondering if they are good with rock music. will be used with a tube amp and an LFD integrated LE ss amp
I'll be using the Quintas with 50w tube amps (AES Sixpacs) in a fairly large space augmented with a pair of subwoofers. I wouldn't have considered the Quintas for this environment without the subs as I don't think they would be able to fill the space well at higher SPL's without them. Hopefully this won't be an issue with the subs.
I've only had the Quintas a few days now, and so far really like what I'm hearing. One of my Sixpac amps started malfunctioning, so I connected my Wright Mono 10 amps which are 10W 2A3 based tube amps and I was very pleasantly surprised! I didn't think they would have enough power to drive the Quintas, but they seem to (I am using an external crossover set at 60Hz, where the bottom end is filled by a pair of Entec subs, so the Mono 10 amps driving the Quintas are not being forced to produce low bass). I really like the non-harsh/metallic sounding tweeter and the slightly laid back character. They seem very non-fatiguing to me so far.