ANYONE heard the old 1957 ge 6550,s

i just installed 8 new matched ,and tested , ge 6550,s in my conrad johnson premiere 140 , had the sovtek 6550,s winged c uuuuuuuubbbbbbbbeeeeeeellllliiiiieeeevvvvvvvaaaaabbbblllleee
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GEE- Ya mean tubes that were made back in 50's sound better than the junk that's being manufactured now? A statement like that is certain to get a LOT of people riled on this site. SURELY: It's just your imagination, or wishful thinking(because you spent so much on those NOS tubes)!! Actually: The GE 6550's were the tube of choice for the Premiers Eight and Twelve. If they were more readily available, I'm certain Messrs. Conrad and Johnson would still be supplying them in their amps(connoisseurs that they are). What NOS 6922's will you be experimenting with? Hopefully you will compliment those excellent amps and GE's with some Siemens CCa's? Enjoy your music!
OOPS- Make that, "excellent amp"(singular).
I believe your comments, I use almost 100% NOS tubes, but one thing about your post confused me.

had the Sovtek 6550,s winged C

Which was it, Sovtek, Wing C or both?
thanks guys , yes installed siemens cca in input , unbelievable how good those ge 's are, friend , an engineer has been collecting tubes since 1970, has probably 15000, he tested 85 to give me a matched octet, plus 2 matched extra backups , ive been working on him ayear to sell 10 for a $1000, very pleased
I just tried my first NOS tubes this morning. Frustrated that my thrown-together bedroom system sounded more musical than my big rig, I remembered I had bought a couple Sylvania 6SN7s at a flea market a couple years ago. When I had gotten home, I tried them out but wans't impressed (I thought 1 didn't work - maybe I threw that one out). So I plugged them into the most critical spots on my Atma-Spheres and was very pleasanlty surprised that they both worked, and the sound was much improved over the EH I had in there. Perhaps i had been too tired the first time I tried them (if you've ever been to Brimfield antiques flea market, you'll understnad it's an overwhelming experience). I will say, though, that when I first tried the new TungSol re-issues, they had a dynamic strength that I had never heard before in my system. Drums sounded fantastic. Thisw quality was short lived, though, as the tubes broke in and ended up sounding just like the electro harmonix.
I have had much success with original 1950s NOS TunSol Black Plate 6550 tube that I fitted into my ARC Ref 3 power supply. So I'm also a convert, so to speak.

Too bad Black Plates run upwards $500 for a single tube nowadays !