Anyone heard the newest 12AT7 quicksilver Linestage preamp?

Anyone heard the newest 12AT7 quicksilver Linestage preamp?Thoughts???

I am using a PSAudio Direct Stream and Quicksilver Mid-monos with KT88's.
I was considering an ARC LS-3 but a 30 year old piece of solid state make me hesitant.

The 12 AT7 Quicksilver line stage in my experience is certainly the best 
 MS has made to date. Using this pre with your Quicksilver amps will give you proper gain and intended cohesive drive that works and plays music.
It like many tube units inverts polarity, flipping +- at both speakers.Has a nice low output IMP, Has just enough of that tube magic to engage you while getting out of the music's way.   Best,
 JohnnyR Quicksilver dealer 30 years
I own that QS and it is outstanding. I use it with my QS amps!
Thanks guys....i have used prior QS linestages and full function in the past....have you guys heard the older ones vs the newer? Differences in sound stage???
Alot of people I talk to say Audio Research you guys have any experience with those?
I am edging toward QS but just looking for personal validation
Thanks again