Anyone heard the new Virtual Dynamics Revelation?

I had the chance to talk to Rick Schultz at RMAF and I looked at the Revelation cable but Have never heard anything about them. Any comments?
The master series is truely out of this world. How could the Revelation series be anything less then out of this universe!!
I've had extensive experience with the Master and now own the complete Revelation system. I couldn't imagine that they would be tremedously better but they are. The master sounds a little bright and less natural by comparison.

See my answer on VD vs. Transparent for more.
I've never heard the Master sound bright as Aolviero pointed out in his observations.The difference I heard was that the Revelation threw a massive soundfield that provides new information both in micro and macro dynamics.The Master provides you with no compression through very dynamic and complex passages, however, the Revelation gives you dynamics that are staggering both in power (vocals have a freedom of expression and power that is humbling to be hold)and bandwidth. Both of my friends run all Revelation with Gnsc Wadia's and all sistrums 101 stands , as well as Sim audio w-5 LEs.They also feel that the Revelation is cutting new ground in their systems,offering vast venues. The bass is very deep and articulate,double bass has a sonic wave that you can feel, both the instrument as well as the air surrounding the player. Every other cable I have heard has limited vocals, both in power and extension.The Rev gives you both the air around the singer, as well as a natural decay that a voice throws out into the soundfield.Complex passages are handled with aplomb, a hammond organ has the power to tear your head right off your shoulders without a hint of distortion being heard. A piano fortismo in Three Blind Mice will not change the air around a cymbal,the whole stage of musicians just plays on in their own time and space. I am at point with my system that it becomes rather difficult to explain how it sounds,when i try to listen in a critical way, I get swept away by the music and really don't care about the audiophile details. On the right recording and at the right time of night,I feel very thankful for what unfolds in front of me. It is a very emotional experience when your favourite music reaches a plateau that you never thought possible.In this way the Virtual Dynamic Revelation is truly a musical revelation of the highest order!! Take care Dennis

I agree with all of your comments on the Revelation. Especially the dynamics. The last cable I added were the revelation speaker cables and these go a long way in making the overall sound that dynamic.

I want to qualify my comment about brightness on the Master. These cables are definetly not bright. I misused this adjeticve. What I meant was that they sounde very slightly vieled compared to the Revelation. Sorry for the confusion. Obviously bright is the oppoistie of vieled.

These are both great cables.

I bought the pair of "Revelation Signature" ICs that Rick had at RMAF. They didn't have the Signature dressing, but Rick assured me that's what they were and that he will be debuting this new model at CES in January.

I am using them between my APL modded 3910 and preamp(VAC Phi 2.0), and after about 100 hours in my system, the sound just keeps getting better. There is a new "weight" to the sound that wasn't there before, as more information is presented. The cables don't seem to accentuate any particular frequencies, they just let the sound through better than any other ICs I have heard in my system.

I also have a pair of Revelation ICs and a biwire set of Revelation speaker cables due later this week, if they ever clear Customs in Montana. I'm really looking forward to seeing what synergies happen once these are inserted into my system.

Hope this helps.
Update: Revelation Spkr cables arrived 2 wks ago. Replaced Au24s. Huge difference,as it should be for the price(but it doesn't always work out that way, as many Agoners have found).

Now have 4 thick cables to each speaker instead of 2 shoelaces - big difference. Setting visuals aside, the sound is pretty amazing - much more dynamic, much tighter and lower bass, fuller midrange and sweeter, more extended highs. Makes the Au24's sound like they were 2-dimensional - soundstage has gained new depth and width and imaging has also improved quite a bit (and it was very good before!). They are obviously still breaking in, so should sound even better after a while.

Sound is much more dynamic, but not in any way colored - for example, I am hearing bass lines in songs now that I didn't even realize were there. The bass isn't accentuated, it just there, whereas it really wasn't as clearly before, but I had no way of really knowing this. These cables have really opened my ears in a very good way.

Performances are now closer to "live" in my system than anything I have heard to date, and most other systems now sound thin and 2-dimensional by comparison. I'm afraid I've been spoiled......

(I'm also not "connected" to VD, or any other manufacturer for that matter, in case the above sounds like a shameless plug. I just know what sounds good in my system and enjoy sharing info, since I have picked up many good insights and tips from the posts of others on this site. Its a really neat community.)
I just recently replaced a regualr Revelation IC from CD player to preamp to Revelation Signature. The rest of the system is standard Revelation. I have about 100 hours and once again, I'm amazed at the difference between his levels of cable.

They have everything the standard cables do: dynamics, tonaql purity, resolution, etc. However, they substantially push the limits of transparency, tonal purity and soundstaging. These are really incredible. Highly recommended over standard Revelation.

Much better than Master. Once again, the Masters sound great but slightly veiled and compressed compared to the Rev and especially Rev-sig. That should tell you how good the Revelations really are.

I plan to replace my other Rev IC to Signature. This is really a big difference. At this point, I think they have improved my sound more than replacing my Krell FPB 600 with a CAT JL-2. They are that dramatic.

A must try!
I'm planning on trying the Revelation Signature balanced digital cable sometime in a few months. Should be interesting.
This is getting interesting, because I'm also planning on a Revelation balanced, to see how much better it will sound than my Master balanced between my transport & dac.
I bought a pair of balanced Revelation ICs from Rick Schultz at RMAF. Since I had made a number of changes in the system immediately before RMAF I did not want to put the cables into the system when I got home. I waited a couple of weeks, during which time my brother-in-law broke them in, and listened to them. He was very happy with them after they broke in!

When I had a better handle on the sound of my system, I installed the Revelation between my phono stage and pre-amp. They were a definate improvement over the Purist Venustus RCAs I had previously. They should be since they cost considerably more. BUT I wish I had a short pair of Dominus to compare them to, as they are a similar price point.

The VD Revelation are very fast and dynamic, and offer a big, full soundstage. No complaints from this buyer! Thanks Rick!
I currently have a pair of revelation cables on demo.

I think they sound very good - I am really struggling with them physically - as they are very inflexible, access to binding posts has been a difficulty. Once in place however, they sounds very revealing and neutral.

Yes these cables are stiff but as you mention very sonically satisfying.

With regards to the speaker cables, these also come with 45 degree spades which makes connection to binding post much easier in some cases.
I have been experimenting with the Revelation Signature and have found that these really take at least 500+ hours to sound their best. The difference between the first couple hundred hours and 500+ is pretty amazing.

At first I was questioning the signature over the standard Revelation but wait and you will be rewarded!
Dmurfet: I've discovered that if you just plan out how the Revelation cables should be routed and pre-bend them, the fitment is a piece of cake. I have successfully routed several pair of ICs, a Rev power cable and 10' bi-wired Rev cables (4 cables to each speaker) thru some very tight tolerances in this manner without too much brain damage. It just takes a little planning ahead of time.

In my case, the stiffness actually became an advantage because once in place, they are held into position by being braced against a wall. Also, I might add, they are WELL WORTH a little installation time - the sound is quite amazing and the more VDs in the chain, the better the sound, IMO.

I guess you are right, the pair I have are a bit too long for my needs and hence need to be coiled to take up the slack. Also the spades on them are too big to attach properly to either my Wilsons or my Krell. I have organised a demo of the Kubala Sosna Emotion cables which should arrive roughly when I need to return these, so I'll post my thoughts, but I must admit, given these lofty heights of fidelity, I get the impression I might just think they are both very good and that's that!
Dmurfet: FYI - Cardas makes a special banana connector that accepts spades and they are very reasonable. I am using them on my amp with no apparent sound degradation and they have also simplified the installation. You might want to pick up a few pair just to have around as you try different cabling..... just did a review on the Revelation series cables. Perry compared this series with some other cables in the review. Rick also explains how the Revelation cable came to market. Nice Review and also confirms why I enjoy VD cables in my system. Read and enjoy the review!! Brian
Hi,I replaced 3 revalation power cords with revelation sigs and it is pretty amazing.Rick Schultz knows his stuff.
I went from the david digital to the revelation signature. Talk about a leap! I have to say its a nice leap however. I hear the depth and detail. I know the david does well in its class, so the david is no chump! I guess like David (no chump) in the bible beating Gilioth. It is like there is more life in the music.

I have several david pc and they do so well so I cant imagine the revelation power cords doing much better. I am guessing that Rick has somehow managed to build a Revelation pc thats stunning. I have yet to have the blessing to hear them in my system.

I just keep getting more impressed with what Virtual Dynamics does. I my early days, Synergistic research where my cables, but I heard the david pc from the Cable Comapany and that all changed.