Anyone heard the new Van Morrison, Pay The Devil

He is doing a bunch of classic country covers. He is also touring this year.
No, not yet but the vinyl is in the mail.
Happy Listening!
Picked-it-up today. Not bad. His voice is getting rougher, but there are some nice moments. Good recording.
The new Kris Kristofferson is quite impressive. The sound quality is as good as I've heard, period -for this type of acousti-country recording.
van the man phoned this one in....a real disappointment
Yes...& have been looking forward to the release for some time. Gave it one spin & it's not bad as Cbucki states, "Playhouse" one of the 3 Van originals on the album is quite good. With a few more listens I'm sure it'll sound better.
On another note, Neco Case's new release sounds really good after just one listen.
Yes, The Neco Case cd is excellent. I am go to see her in Milwaukee at the end of March. She is going to be at the historic Pabst Theater.
van the man has been "phoning it in" for about 10 years now. Unfortunate I love the guys stuff from his
early(ier) days.

What's the recording quality like on the Neko Case CD? Love her stuf but man she needs to find a sympathetic sound engineer(IMHO).
mihilli, i agree, neco's new one sounds alittle better but still has that exaggerated reverb-y overtone.