Anyone heard the new Theta Gen VIII ?

I'm looking for the "ultimate" Redbook CD playback.

I am intent on NOT using a pre-amp, so please limit comparisions to other DACs with "variable out".

Has anyone heard the Gen VIII? How does it compare to other DACs in this price range?

I once owned a Theta Miles CDP and thought it was one of the best sounding all-in-ones out there (currently own the A.A. Capitole 24/192)

Thanks to any & all!
try Meitner DCC2 or Great Northern Sound modified Wadia 270 se transport and Wadia 27ix converter clocklinked together
If you are looking for "ultimate "in redbook as well as SACD plyaback then there is only one company that can deliver--dCS--the Verdi SACD transport, Purcell upsampler with DSD, Elgar plus. Absolutely the best! IMO anyway. I wish I could afford them though, as it will set you back 30 grand.
Meitner and dCS are both top choices. I would add to the list Muse Model Ten transport and Model 192 DAC with DB25 connection. Substantially less money than either Meitner or dCS and will hold their own against them both!
With all the qualifications that attend the statement, it is the best I've heard so far.
What about the Esoteric P70/D70?
I know the Theta very well and compared it to 3 other players. The Muse Ten with an attenuator module was the better of all three. It was more musical and had better mid-bass and overall soundstage. The Muse offered specificity and dynamics that I have yet to hear with any other player.