Anyone heard the new Tenor 150 Hybrids yet?

Has anyone heard the new Tenor 150 Hybrid yet? I am wondering how it sounds compared to the 300's.
I can't compare to the 300's but imagine with the right speakers the sound will be very close.
I can compare to the 75wi's, which were my reference for a couple of years.
The 150 retains the harmonic structure so essential to the quality of the OTL and seem to have all the finesse, detail and extension.
The benefits are a much wider range of compatible speakers, greater low frequency control, less noise and heat.
They are another winner, IMO.
It is almost an identical sound to the 300 HP monoblocks. If you have extremely inefficient speakers, maybe you would hear a difference.
This past weekend I attended the Montreal Festival Son & L'image. CES

My Girlfriend up until then thought my obsession with reproduced sound overpriced, though enjoyable.

After she heard the 150hp my obsession became hers. She now understands. She didn't care how much they where. 'They are worth it', according to her, (and me of course).

No other room at the show sounded nearly as 'right'.

The only other time I was as moved by the music (reproduced of course) was with Atma-Spere MA1's.

EMM Labs fronted one room and Audio Aero fronted the other.

Neither room approached the real thing, though it is getting closer

I have not heard the 300hp.
Heard these in Montreal at the beginning of this month. They were running Verity Audio Parsifals and the sound was easily the best of the Show. There were Verity speakers being shown in at least three other rooms but none compared with the match with the Tenors. I have also hear the 75w units, but these new hybrids are even better if that is possible. Go for them!!!!!!!