Anyone heard the new Talon Firehawk yet?

Supposedly a full range designed for SETs, I missed it at CES2005, anyone heard it?

I haven't heard it yet, but I spoke w/ Mike Farnsworth about the Firehawk.

The newly designed Accuton tweeter used is 92db efficient.

Here's the CES pic's, not sure why they where run w/ 600wpc SS nemo amps???

Mike mentioned the Firehawk will be 94db efficient overall, starting at $23,000.00. It will have about a Watt/Puppy, or Sophia Footprint. A few Wavac guys, Steve Hoffman, & Lloyd Walker are to have already purchased pre-production pairs, as per Mike.

He mentioned that there would be pictures, & details on the web-site by 3/3/05. Still waiting!

The Mid/Bass driver doesn't look like a Eminence, or Focal unit? Actually more like a pair of Vifa long-throw 8” mid-bass drivers, same as what Peter at PBN Audio Montana is using ???
I thought they sounded thin at CES.

But, showroom conditions aren't the best.

I'm kind of sticker-shocked at 23k

The Firebirds used to be priced right around there. Doesn't seem like a lot of value in the smaller version. I have a friend who I think is replacing his Firebirds with the Firehawk as he wants more sensitive speaker.
The woofers are supposed to be 8.5" Morels.
The pre-production pairs at the show didn't have the bass dialed in and they weren't broke-in as well. Farnsworth tells me that the bass has been corrected in the production units. Lloyd Walker was using the Firehawks in his room at CES with the Accutron diamond tweeters. I asked Lloyd how many hours were on the speakers and he said "about 50".
I have the diamonds in my Firebirds and believe me, they take a long time to break in but are outstanding when they do.
As for cost, Farnsworth tells me the components cost the same as the Firebird but in a smaller cabinet. Even though it's quite smaller, it still weighs 200lbs.
Thanx Frankg, Nice to see Lloyd was running them w/ low power 300B tube amps.

I never knew the dimension of the Viva mono's where so big, WOW!