Anyone heard the new Simaudio universal Orbiter?

Just wondering if anyone out there owns, has demoed or heard the new Orbiter universal player from Simaudio? If so, what are your thoughts and/or impressions? Has anyone compared it against the Esoteric DV 50?

I know this is outdated but stumbled across this thread and I thought I'd share my experience.
I had a modded (part substitutions only) Simaudio Moon Nova (Black Gates; AD8620's; FRED diodes; Auricaps etc) and the (stock) Orbiter handily beat it - greater resolution and clarity across the board. Given the price point difference (even with the mods), it wasn't too surprising.

I then obtained an Exemplar Denon 3910. This comparison was much closer and the Orbiter held it's own very well. The Orbiter had slightly better bass response - just a little more crisp on the bass attacks. Very satisfying to the headbanger in me...
The Exemplar was slightly more liquid in the upper midrange and treble.
Maybe it was the tubes but the Exemplar seemed a little more musical - easier to listen to longer.
Soundstaging, "black" backgrounds and depth of field was not significantly different between the two.
This was very close and I could have lived with either but the fact that the Denon seemed a little easier on the ears and coupled with a reported superior video section (I did not try it as this is in my 2 ch system), I opted to keep the Exemplar 3910.
I should mention that I have what I consider a pretty resolving system - Simaudio W5 amp; P5 preamp and Von Schweikert VR4.5 speakers. So, maybe the smoothness of the Exemplar 3910 complements my system better.
If someone had a tube amp and/or preamp, their conclusions might be different (or mabe it would reinforce it...). Just some food for thought for others conisdering these CDP's.