Anyone heard the new Schiit Tyr?

I am intrigued by the choke design in the power supply. Didn’t Ayr do this as well? Looks like some helluva mono blocks.

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Watched a video of them making these on one of the YouTube channels yesterday.... 

I am a Schiitaholic but 110 pounds of amp. Whew. It's a load. I am hoping they will later bring out a stereo version using the same chassis. It would probably cost $1600-$1800 and should benefit from the new topography. I can hope. 

I have 2 pair of them... A set of Aegir’s and a Vidar. My favorite is the TYR’s. I run all Salk Sound speakers. The TYR’s sound very smooth almost tube like. But they control woofers better and have huge power reserves.