Anyone heard the new Radikal for the Linn LP 12?

Seems like I need to upgrade my Valhalla LP12 again. This time, I'm looking at the new Linn Radikal. Anyone heard this yet?
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Deep pockets.

I think it was shown at Munich, and there have been some written reports in the UK press; and the Linnies are reporting an improvement on their forum (surprise, surprise). I haven't heard it, haven't even seen it in the flesh, but looks nice in the photos.

Check out the thread on the HIFICRITIC site, Radikal VS Armageddon. Their other threads have a lot on Linn also. There are several subchassis available, some by 3rd parties. They are going to test the Keel [sp?] in the next issue.
Thanks Stanwal, I checked out the threads. However, I sure would like to hear a first hand opinion of the Radikal upgrade.
I have a feeling that the Lingo will finally begin to plummet in price now. Any idea of the cost of the Radikal?