anyone heard the new plinius hiato?

i'm looking to upgrade my plinius 9200 and possibly looking at this. just wondering whether this integrated is as good as the plinius class A separates.
IMHO its not as good as Plinius Class A separates. I wrote a short review on the Hiato which you might be interested in. See below link.
I have both owned Plinius separates and now the Hiato which with the proper burn in, is an excellent Integrated amp.

I dispute Kiwi's contention to the contrary. He clearly did not spend enough time in his review process and I think his review was in fact unfair.
This Kiwi dude is basically like a spam reviewer.

He has posted the same review at every possible place he can do so - he must have dated a Plinius employee and had a bad breakup.

His review is also entirely too wordy.
Anyone else have/had Plinius Hiato. How does it compare with others?