Anyone heard the new Pass Labs Rushmore at CES?

It's a four way, class A self-power speaker with 15", 10", 6" and ribbon tweeter. It's a super efficient design to mimic classic speakers. So bottom line is how do they sound?
I have a friend who attended CES, but couldn't get a valid listen. I have talked with Peter Perkins of Pass Labs about their speaker, and I do like their philosophy, for the most part. It makes sense to me to lighten up on the drivers as much as possible, and to anchor them to a dense face plate. The use of a ribbon tweeter gladdens my heart. I have to wonder, though, about the use of a purposefully resonating enclosure.

I think the Rushmore will be a the San Francisco Stereophile show, and I can get a listen to them there.
Nelson showed an ion drive speaker at CES several years ago, kind of an expanded version of the ionovac tweeter (if you're old enough to remember) or Hill Plasmatronics Type One (still a geezer, just slightly younger). Everyone in the room got sick from exposure to the discharge. Hey, you're not a pioneer if you don't take a few arrows in the back.
I heard them - they sounded good, some of the best at the show I think. Pricey, but given that you don't need amps for them, not too bad. nice construction. Design could use some improvement from an elegance standpoint, but they disappeared well (audio-wise, not visual-wise). Ribbon was nice and smoothly integrated. Overall a very nice speaker.

I owned a pair of the Ionovac tweeters. A very strange product. I had it mated with the Jenzen four panel midrange driver and a large 4 woofer bass enclosure.

I honestly don't remember how it sounded. I think for the time it was quite good. Now I think it would probably be crap.

The original Threshold speaker was called the Ion Cloud (perfect audiophile product: toxic and unobtainable).