Anyone Heard the new Outlaw 950 pre/pro?

If so I would really like to hear your thoughts on both HT and 2 channel stereo for music. I am considering this unit or a Lexicon DC 1 and do not really know which to buy as I have heard the DC 1 but not the 950. Thank you very much for any info you may be able to pass along.

I have heard the Outlaw unit. Sonically, it's decent, but not super special. It's got some nice features, as does the Lex. however, I would always choose raw sonic attributes and refinements over flexibility of features and sound modes and such. Not to knock the lex or outlaw, they are great for some applications....mostly dedicated home theater applications! But is you value soinic purity, detail, and refinement, even the likes of a used Acurus Act 3, Classe SSP25, Aragon soundstage, Proceed AVP will sound much much better!
For the majority of applications, you should be using the 80hz crossover "small" setting for movies, crossing over to a subwoofer or two(unless you have powered/active full range speakers!..not passive units).
I don't know what speakers you have, but can garantee a better level of sound with other choices.
Good luck
I know the DC1 digitizes all analog inputs, so if you've got a good CD player, DAC, or turntable this is not a good choice. I don't know if the Outlaw pre/pro digitizes analog inputs, but their 1050 receiver does so you should check and if it does you should probably look elsewhere for best 2-channel performance(unless if offers an analog pass through).

For better 2-channel performance I'd look at something like the Anthem pre/pro or maybe consider using a cheap A/V receiver for surround sound and buy a good stereo preamp to handle serious 2-channel duties. The Marsh P2000 stereo preamp is OUTSTANDING and only costs around $1200(looks and sounds more like a $2500 piece), and it will run rings around any pre/pro under $6000 for 2-channel. Add a $500 Outlaw 1050 for surround processing, connect the front L/R pre outs of the 1050 to the video input of the Marsh and you're in serious business for around $1700--hard to beat AND you don't have to worry as much about future format changes and compatability since your investment in surround sound is so small. Best of luck.