Anyone heard the new Musical Concepts monos ?

I just thought I'd take this opportunity to post about John Hillig's newest conversion/upgrade. I just got a pair of his new mono conversions (DH-200's) back about a week ago and I'm thoroughly impressed and couldn't be happier. Over the last 5 years I have upgraded these (which I purchased and built in 1979) to the point that the only things left that are Hafler are the chassis. In that time I have relied on John's knowledge and expertise for guidance. He has always spent as much time as necessary on the phone with me and shown infinite patience. These were originally built as bridged monos and the only thing left was to upgrade the bridging boards which is why I sent them to him. He looked them over and asked if he had a better way of doing this would it be ok ? I said of course. We had always had a friendly disagreement about my needing the power of monos to properly drive my Aerial 10T's. Instead of bridging them he now uses only 1 PA-3E board to drive both sets of double current Exicon transistors, while slightly modifying his already superb PS200J power supply and installed 1 huge Aura-t teflon coupling cap. The result is magnificent. They exhibit his signature "It's gotta sound good" in spades. The articulation top to bottom is stunning and the iron-fisted control of the bottom end is amazing and a definite step up from where it was in bridged configuration. John has hit the proverbial nail on the head with this configuration and I have an awesome pair of amps to show for it. Woody