Anyone heard the new Monster Power Conditioners?

I noticed that Monster has added a few new power conditioners to their current line, the 2100, 2600, 3600, etc. I assume they will faze out the older models over time. Has anyone familiar with the 2000, 3500, 5000, etc. compared them to the newest models? I need a second power conditioner, and must choose soon, so any info would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Martin Butler
I have 2 HTS 3500 and have been happy with the price/performace abilities. Would seriously consider buying a new model if available.
The new models are handsomely designed, resembling the Classe` gear with a silver and black face and a digital readout. It would be nice if you could shut off or at least dim the lights and display. Sometimes my HTS-3500 looks like a Christmas tree with all those red and green lights, and in a living room home theater set up I have to cover the lights with something, or otherwise be annoyed with the lights for the entire movie.
The 3500, 2000 and others were well reviewed with certain qualifiers. The general consensus was that the Monster line dealt very effectively with the higher frequency distortion (where most of the grunge resides), but didn't deal with lower frequency problems. Perhaps the newer models will address that aspect. I hope so.
I have the current Monster HTS2000 that had great review by Robt Harley of TAS in my 2nd system, and it performs extremely well considering its very low price. I tried the HTS3500 and actually thought the HTS2000 sounded much better.

I like the new design of Powerbar 2100, having all outlets inline is cleaner and more convienant, also notice the rated
joule protection is much higher for new model (2775 joule)
I searched the net and no one has 2100 for sale yet, but I will get one and see if it sounds as good as HTS2000. Noticed price is $50 higher also, oh well.
Hi Sam, I have had two HTS-3500's. The earlier model actually sounded ever so slightly better than the newer one,go figure. Look forward to your opinion of the 2100 when you get it.
Just went to my local Tweeters and they have the new 2100 in stock. Looks cool.
Anfield, how much was it selling for?
The recommended retail price of $200. You might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere though.